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The School of Surveying is committed to providing a safe and healthy place of work for staff, students and visitors.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requires a person conducting a business or undertaking to proactively identify and manage risks and hazards so everyone is safe and healthy in the workplace. In order to achieve this it is the responsibility of all School of Surveying staff members and students to report any, hazard, injury, or near miss directly to the DHSO or the Report Incident link.

DHSO Contact Information

For any enquiries please contact:

Craig Tidey
Departmental Health and Safety Officer
Rm G05, 310 Castle Street
Tel +64 3 479 7590
Mob +64 21 02102100


Fire Wardens

  • Building Warden – Craig Tidey – Manages overall Fire Evacuation of Building.
  • Ground Floor Fire Warden – Judy Rodda– Evacuates Ground Floor
    Craig Tidey - Assists Warden or replaces if Warden absent
  • 1st Floor Fire Warden – Fraser Jopson – Evacuates 1st Floor
    Deputy Amber West – Assists Warden or replaces if Warden absent
  • 2nd Floor Fire Warden – Kelly Gragg - Evacuates 2nd Floor
    Deputy Robert Odolinski – Assists warden or replaces if Warden absent

Emergency procedures

Emergency Procedure flip charts detailing how to respond to many types of situation can be found in the main thoroughfares on every floor. Please familiarise yourself with the location and content of these charts.

Environmental Procedures

Field Work

Prior to conducting any fieldwork, a health and safety plan must be submitted to and approved by the DHSO. Please contact Craig Tidey for further information.

Designated Assembly Area

The designated assembly area, should an alarm happen to sound whilst you are in the building, is the Hayward Hall carpark on the corner of Castle and Fredrick Streets.

Find out where the meeting point is on the School Plan

School plan

Ground floor

Surveying ground floor map large

First floor

Surveying first floor map large

Second floor

Surveying second floor map large

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