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Wanna know how to swipe right at uni?

Register for a CommUNIty 102 workshop

We are often hearing about rape and sexual violence, about how consent is sexy, and that you need to 'get consent' before you have sex.

Together in this workshop, we will work to unpack and better understand consent and what relationships look like at uni. We will look at relationships, community and think about how alcohol fits in to all that.

This is a workshop that looks different depending on the values of each group. This means you will be able to use the skills and info you learn in the workshop in your own community, making it safer for everyone.

There is time set aside to look at consent in legal terms so that everyone is on the same page with what is illegal and what we mean when we say consent. This is the foundation that we will build from as we consider relationships here at uni.

If you're keen to get involved, we have scheduled workshops or if you want to get a group together we can set one up just for you. Take a look through the details below and get in touch by emailing:

Who can participate?

This workshop is open to students of all genders.

We can see that men are overrepresented as perpetrators of sexual violence and women as survivors.

This is something we will go through as a group, while also understanding that sexual violence can be experienced by people of all genders.

Why should you do this workshop?

This is a workshop designed with first years in mind, to explore ideas about relationships and to learn skills to create a community that looks out for everyone.

By taking the time to learn about consent and to consider your values, you are saying that you value having a community that everyone thrives in.

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