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Wanna know how to resist sexual violence?

Register for a Flip the script workshop

Flip the script is an evidenced-based sexual violence prevention programme for women. It involves 12 hours of training in a safe and inclusive environment where women learn to identify the warning signs of sexual violence and coercion, explore and expand their understandings and beliefs about relationships, sexuality, and sexual violence, as well as learning some practical physical techniques that can be used to resist sexual violence.

The programme is ordered into four sessions, each three hours long.

The sessions are:

  1. Assess – Recognise characteristics in the environment and in other people that increase the likelihood of sexual assault.
  2. Acknowledge – Explore personal beliefs which create emotional barriers to resistance.
  3. Act – Learn verbal and physical strategies the effectively deter perpetrators.
  4. Enhance – Clarify relationship preferences and desires in order to recognise and resist relationships that violate these choices.

This programme has been designed especially for university-aged women and adapted for a New Zealand context. Evaluations of the programme have shown that women who completed the Flip the script training were 46% less likely to experience a completed sexual assault and 63% less likely to experience an attempted sexual assault.

Attendees have this to say about the programme:

  • “It was very eye-opening and just an overall interesting experience.”
  • “Learning all the moves for self-defense was really enjoyable.”

Flip the script was also recently featured in the New York Times.

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