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Toroa's commitment to the environment

We care about our planet, and we do our best to be proactive in taking care of it. Recycling, and careful waste disposal is a good way of reducing the negative impact our community has on the environment. We believe in refusing, reusing and recycling as much as we can. We actively recycle, conserve water and save resources by turning off lights and electrical equipment when not in use. We also help out with sustainability in the community wherever we are needed.We are committed to sustainability and we actively promote and take part in the University's Green Your Scene Campaign


We encourage and provide communal facilities for recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, cans, batteries, egg cartons and other products.

Our composting bins allow you to reduce the amount of food waste you send to the landfill.


Take it or leave it

Take It or Leave It is Toroa's freecycling scheme - where you can place your unwanted goods so that others may reuse them - and of course you can help yourself to something that might be of use to you.

Our worm farm

Toroa is home to thousands of wriggly worms - housed nicely in our worm farm. Known for their voracious appetite, Toroa's worms happily feed themselves on our food scraps, turning them into compost.

Toroa Bees

Always looking for new ways to be sustainable, we recently welcomed our first hive of honey-bees. Our bees, currently Apis mellifera (Apidae), are generalist foragers and excellent pollinators. At Toroa, we understand that bees are vital for our food and our wellbeing. And whilst we are looking to enjoying some of the harvest our busy little friends will produce during the year, our main reason for becoming a bee campus is our interest in sustainability.

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