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Three meals a day

Breakfast food is available from our college pantry for you to prepare and eat in your unit. You don't have to be at breakfast at a set time. When you don't want to get out of your pyjamas to eat your cereal, or if you have a late start, you can eat breakfast at your leisure.

Lunch and dinner are served in our dining room. Both meals are served seven days/nights a week in the Gazebo (our dining room) located on campus in the Union building, just a short stroll from the College. Even better though, you can spend time in the Gazebo outside of meal times to study or hang out with your Toroa friends and the dining room is next to the library - so if you are serious about study this is the place to be. Late meals are not a worry if your course has a late lab or tutorial. Vegetarian and Halal food are available and other dietary requirements may be possible on request,

Yukie and Jane

please check with us if you have specific needs.

Late meals

Got a late lecture or a class that runs through lunch time? - No problem, you can request a packed lunch or a late dinner by signing up in the Gazebo.

Special dietary requirements

  • Vegetarian and vegan options are always available.

We also offer a halal option

  • The halal service we provide is focused around the food. We provide meat that is halal (lamb, beef, chicken) and our halal dishes contain no alcohol or any pork or prohibited ingredients. We do not designate halal utensils, ovens or equipment for halal production although all equipment and utensils are clean i.e. have not been used for other use after their cleaning and sanitation prior to the halal preparation.

  • All food is prepared separately as this is requirement for food safety to minimise risk of cross contamination.

  • Our meals are prepared in a central production kitchen and pork and alcohol products may be in use for other food preparation, so our kitchen, strictly speaking is not halal.

We may be able to offer other requirements by prior arrangement. Whilst every precaution is taken regarding dietary needs there are always going to be traces of allergens eg nuts, gluten, dairy and meat products within our production areas.

If you have a moderate or highly severe dietary requirement please call us to discuss your needs and our ability to provide food that is allergen safe for you.

As always, feel free to talk to us if you want more information.

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