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'Toroa' is the Māori name for the Royal Albatross, the magnificent long-distance sea bird that nests at the tip of the Otago Peninsula. The albatross journeys far across the oceans of the world returning to Otago each year.

Toroa's motto

'Dare To Soar' is Toroa's motto and if you look closely at our albatross you will notice that he has a full belly and a twinkle in his eye, indicating a sense of fun and appreciation for all that Toroa represents.

Our journey

We are a University of Otago-owned residential college and we opened our doors in February 1996.

Manawa, the Maori word for heart, was given to our main community building and all those who enter feel the warmth and comfort that is Toroa.

Toroa has established an enviable reputation for being a welcoming and friendly college with staff who are committed to the overall wellbeing of residents.

Ngai Tahu taonga

James York (Ngai Tahu) crafted a taonga to represent the journey our residents take on their way to Toroa, and the contribution they make once settled in our community.


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