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Will I get to know people? I'm worried that because Toroa doesn't have 'floors' I won't make friends.

Don't worry, Toroa is known as (and has a reputation for being) one of the friendliest places around. Living in one of our 28 units just means you have less noise near your bedroom - after all there are only 4 or 6 others passing by your bedroom door. People aren't confined to their units like you might expect - this really is a hub of activity. After the first few days of being here we expect that you will know over half of the College by name. Imagine how nice it is to know every Toroa face in the dining room - no stress about who to sit with, your Toroa friends are right there.

Is it a cool place to live?

Our residents tell us that Toroa is a cool place to live. They tell us they enjoy: the great community atmosphere; the sense of friendship they get from the first day they arrive; our very modern lounge area and roof terrace; our events; our staff; and the overall atmosphere that offers them the chance to focus on their studies

Who lives at Toroa?

Rumour would have it that we are an international college with mostly post graduate residents. The reality is that we are a first year College (we do take a few returners) with our residents coming mostly from within New Zealand. Like every other College at Otago we welcome international students to join our community. We find that our residents understand the benefits of living in a diverse community of others with open hearts and minds.

Can I bring my car or my bike?

Yes. We have some car parks on site; please call us to confirm the weekly costs. We also have an outdoor bike rack where residents can park and lock their bikes.

When are quiet hours?

Because we wish to provide an environment that is conducive to study we have quiet time from 9.30pm – 8.00am each day. To assist our residents with their studies we have longer quiet times during the exam preparation and exam periods in each semester.

Is it ok for my friends or family to visit me?

Absolutely. Please check with us about our visitor and overnight guest policies. There will be some times throughout the year when we do not allow overnight guests to stay at the College (eg at the beginning of each semester, during exam preparation and exam times, if there is a major event being held within the city.)

What does alcohol free mean?

Alcohol free areas are just that – alcohol free. Residents cannot drink or store alcohol in those areas, although they are able to consume alcohol elsewhere in the College or in town.

What happens if I need help with my study?

All our staff, including the Head of College, are available to talk with you about your study needs. As we are a small community we get to know our residents well, so we can help tailor support to best suit your needs.

What if I get sick?

We are here to help you so if you are unwell, all you have to do is let us know. We can help you to make appointments to see one of the fabulous staff at Student Health (nurse, doctor, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist) to help you get back on track again.

What if I miss a lab or I am not able to hand in an assignment on time?

Stewart (Senior Tutor) and Christina (Head of College) are available to talk with you about what options might be open to you if you miss a deadline or an assessment.

What should I bring?

You need to bring:
• Personal items
• Toiletries
• Clothing
• Towels
We provide:
• Bed linen
• Study lamp
• Laundry basket
In your unit we provide:
• Tea towels
• Handtowels
• Cleaning products

Who would I talk with about payments and College fees?

During the year our administrator, would be the first person to speak with. Stewart (Senior Tutor) and Christina (Head of College) are also available to talk with you about your financial concerns.

How secure is Toroa?

We take resident security very seriously. We have put measures in place to help us have a secure environment - we have security cameras and coded access gates as well as electronic gates and main entrance door that require student id to gain access.

How will I know where to go or what to do?

We understand that the settling in process and the first year experience can seem very confusing at the start of the year.

All Toroa staff are committed to helping residents settle in with as little stress as possible. To help you settle in we offer campus tours, information on how to complete registration and course approval, as well as assistance to gain access to the University of Otago network and blackboard systems.

What should I do when I arrive at Toroa?

We will ask you to tell us when you expect to arrive. When you get to Dunedin make your way to Manawa, our main administration building, located at 8 Regent Road.

Our friendly staff will show you to your room, take you on a College tour and introduce you to other residents. We have lots of events in the first weeks designed to help you settle in and meet your fellow Toroans.

How close is Toroa to the main University campus

We are only a short stroll away from campus. Two blocks from Toroa you will find the St David Street lecture theatres.

What is the postal address if people want to write or send me care packages?

Toroa College

8 Regent Road

Dunedin 9016

New Zealand

If the dining room is on campus isn't that a bit inconvenient?

We don't think it is, but we understand your concerns. We think there are many benefits to having our dining room on campus. For example, if you are at a lecture or a tutorial or lab you do not have to return to the College to get your meals. Our residents take advantage of being able to study in the dining room outside of meal times, and they also like that lunch and dinner are served in a dining room right next to the library. We are located in very close proximity to the campus so you won't need a taxi or any other vehicle to get you there.

I want to get into a professional course in second year – is Toroa the right College for me?

Yes. If you have academic ability and make a commitment to your studies we believe you have the same opportunity for entry to a professional course as you would get at any other College. We think that the Toroans who are currently in professional courses or thos who are working in their chosen field would agree.

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