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This page provides links to a suite of printable resources to provide to patients and whānau, particularly older adults on multiple medications.

They are targeted to various ethnic groups in Aotearoa, particularly Māori and Pasifika who tend to be over-represented among those on multiple medications.

These are based on the findings of our Medication Review research project and were developed with input from Cheryl Davies and her team at Kōkiri Marae, as well as from Ruth Toumu'a from Otago University.

We have created pamphlets and A4 posters in three versions targeted to: Māori, Pasifika and other populations.

Note that there are 2 Māori versions of the pamphlets and posters, one using the word 'rongoā' in a general and broad sense of 'medicines', and the other using the English 'medicine' for those who wish to reserve the term 'rongoā' for Māori medicines.

There are also 2 versions of the pamphlet for 'other populations': one with a range of greetings in languages from the largest other ethnic groups in Aotearoa and one with a whakatauki. Choose the one that best suits your context.

Patient/Whānau resources Pamphlets Posters
Māori focus
Pasifika focus
Other populations

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