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This study analysed video-recordings of medicine review consultations in primary health care with older Māori and Pacific patients (55+) and other older patients (65+) on 4+ medications, as well as interviews with the health professionals and patients involved. Both patients and health professionals were provided with provisional educational resources, developed in consultation with target communities and health professionals prior to their appointment. The analysis allowed us to investigate the acceptability of medication reviews and associated educational resources, and to identify communication patterns and strategies that may facilitate or constrain shared decision-making about polypharmacy.

These findings have been used to further develop resources for patients and GPs that are tailored to the New Zealand context and to Māori and Pacific communities. Links are provided to the resources developed out of this project.


University of Otago Research Fund

Lotteries Health Research Fund


Stubbe, M. (2020) 'We need to talk about polypharmacy': Optimising medication use for older adults. ICCH 2020, 9-11 September, Online Symposium "From Words to Action: engaging patients in communication about medicines"

Resources for patients/whānau

Suite of pamphlets and posters

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Resources for health professionals

Reviewing Medications with Older Adults – Communication tips

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