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For further information or to log a request please call 0800 479 888 or email

The following are some of main services provided by the ITSS Wellington Hub to UOW staff and students.

Computer Support
  • Build new machines
  • Rebuild machines
  • Install licensed software
  • Respond to 2nd level support requests
  • Ensure security of computers using anti-virus software, anti-spyware, remote management applications, and applying security patches
  • Configure laptops for Wireless and VPN access
  • Manage sets of UO loaner iPads - booking information can be found at
Consultation, Advice and Training
  • Provide information/consultation with UOW staff regarding IT questions or needs
  • Determine computer needs of UOW staff and advise on appropriate equipment
  • Manage two sets of UO loaner iPads - booking information can be found at
  • Run "clinics" with departments/groups to discuss their short- and long-term needs and to advise of the Computer Facility's plans and activities.
  • Offer in-house training for PC and email usage
  • Facilitate training from external providers such as ITS Training Dunedin and Auldhouse
Audio-Visual Support (incl. Zoom Video Conferencing)
  • To ensure proper functioning of audio-visual equipment in the UOW Teaching/Meeting rooms and Lecture Theatres.
  • To provide training to UOW staff on using the Lecture Theatre and Teaching/Meeting Room AV equipment
  • To facilitate video conference sessions in Zoom-equipped Teaching Rooms and the two Lecture Theatres
  • To provide Zoom connectivity to remote teaching sites
  • Computers, network printers, and some other hardware
  • Software from ITS Site License and external vendors
Student Computer Support
  • Manage the Student/Training Computer Lab Facilities
  • Support students in the use of the Lab computers
  • Support students in the use of their personal devices

The following are some services provided by the ITS departments of Dunedin.

Service Desk
  • Respond to 1st level support requests
  • Allocate 2nd level support requests to TS, Wellington
  • Provide network connectivity within UOW
  • Provide access to the internet
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