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Copies of journal articles are shown below for completeness. However for each article the relevant Journal is the original place of publication and we acknowledge each relevant Journal as the copyright owner.

Witten K, Blakely T, Bagheri N, Badland H, Ivory V, Pearce J, Mavoa S, Hinckson E, Schofield G. Neighbourhood Built Environment and Transport and Leisure Physical Activity: New Zealand Findings Using Objective Exposure and Outcome Measures.Environ Health Perspect 2012; 120 (7): 191-197.

Ivory V, Witten K, Salmond C, Lin EY, Quan You R, Blakely T. The New Zealand Index of Neighbourhood Social Fragmentation: integrating theory and data. Environment and Planning A 2012; 44, 972-988.

Ivory VC, Collings SC, Blakely T, Dew K. When does neighbourhood matter? Multilevel relationships between neighbourhood social fragmentation and mental health.Soc Sci Med 2011; 72(12): 1993-2002.

Stevenson A, Pearce J, Blakely T, Ivory V, Witten K. Neighbourhood and Health: A review of the New Zealand literature. New Zealand Geographer 2009; 65: 211-221. (The definitive version is available at

[We acknowledge the New Zealand Geographer, New Zealand Geographical Society and Wiley-Blackwell for allowing the PDF to be posted to this website.]
Author Posting. © The Authors {2009} This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in New Zealand Geographer, {65, 211-221}. {10.1111/j.1745-7939.2009.01164.x}

Witten K, Hiscock R, Pearce J, Blakely T. Neighbourhood access to open spaces and the physical activity of residents: A national study. Preventive Medicine 2008; 47: 299-303.

Hiscock R, Pearce J, Blakely T, Witten K. Is Neighbourhood Access to Health Care Provision Associated with Individual-Level Untilisation and Statisfaction?.Health Services Research 2008; 43(6): 2183-2200.

Pearce J, Witten K, Hiscock R, Blakely T. Regional and urban-rural variations in the association of neighbourhood deprivation with community resource access: a national study. Environment and Planning A 2008; 40: 2469-2489.

Pearce J, Hiscock R, Blakely T, Witten K. A national study of the association between neighbourhood access to fast-food outlets and the diet and weight of local residentsHealth and Place 2008; 15 193-197.

Pearce J, Hiscock R, Blakely T, Witten K. The contextual effects of neighbourhood access to supermarkets and convenience stores on individual fruit and vegetable consumption. J Epidemiol Comm Health 2008; 62(3):198-201.

Pearce J, Blakely T, Witten K, Bartie P. Neighborhood Deprivation and Access to Fastfood retailing. A national study. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2007; 32(5) 375-382.

Pearce J, Witten K, Hiscock R, Blakely T. Are socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods deprived of health-related community resources?International Journal of Epidemiology 2007; 36 (2), pp. 348-355.

Pearce J, Witten K, Bartie P. Neighbourhoods and health: a GIS approach to measuring community resource accessibility. J Epidemiol Community Health 2006; 60:389-395.

Blakely T, Atkinson J, Ivory V, Collings S, Wilton J, Howden-Chapman P. No association of neighbourhood volunteerism with mortality in New Zealand: a national multilevel cohort study.International Journal of Epidemiology 2006; 35: 981-989. [See also in this issue the commentary by Ichiro Kawachi. Commentary: Social capital and health: making the connections one step at a time.]


Stevenson A, Ivory V, Pearce J, Witten K, Blakely T, Dew K. Neighbourhoods and Health Research in New Zealand- a Stocktake.University of Otago, Wellington: 2008.

Summary of CRAINZ findings 2008

Salmond C. Fitting complex models using Health Survey data.Wellington: University of Otago, Wellington: 2006


Ivory VC. Neighbourhood Social Fragmentation and Health. Bringing Social Epidemiology and Social Theory Together. Department of Public Health. 2009, University of Otago, Wellington: Wellington. p. 430

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