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The New Zealand Census-Mortality Study was initiated by Professor Tony Blakely and his co-researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington. It was approved by the Government Statistician as a Data Laboratory project under the Microdata Access Protocols. All research publications are based on researcher initiated ideas.

Requirements of the Statistics Act

Under the Statistics Act 1975 the Government Statistician has legal authority to collect and hold information about people, households and businesses, as well as the responsibility of protecting individual information and limits to the use to which such information can be put. The obligations of the Statistics Act 1975 on data collected under the Act are summarised below.

Information collected under the Statistics Act 1975 can be used only for statistical purposes.

No information contained in any individual schedule is to be separately published or disclosed to any person who is not an employee of Statistics New Zealand, except as permitted by sections 21(3B), 37A, 37B and 37C of the Act.

This project was carried out under section 21(3B). Under Section 21(3B) the Government Statistician requires an independent contractor under contract to Statistics New Zealand, and any employee of the contractor, to make a statutory declaration of secrecy similar to that required of Statistics New Zealand employees where they will have access to information collected under the Act. For the purposes of implementing the confidentiality provisions of the Act, such contractors are deemed to be employees of Statistics New Zealand.

Statistical information published by Statistics New Zealand, and its contracted researchers, shall be arranged in such a manner as to prevent any individual information from being identifiable by any person (other than the person who supplied the information), unless the person owning the information has consented to the publication in such manner, or the publication of information in that manner could not reasonably have been foreseen.

The Government Statistician is to make office rules to prevent the unauthorised disclosure of individual information in published statistics.

Information provided under the Act is privileged. Except for a prosecution under the Act, no information that is provided under the Act can be disclosed or used in any proceedings. Furthermore no person who has completed a statutory declaration of secrecy under section 21 can be compelled in any proceedings to give oral testimony regarding individual information or produce a document with respect to any information obtained in the course of administering the Act, except as provided for in the Act.

Census Data

The Population Census is the most important stocktake of the population that is carried out. The statistics that are produced provide a regular picture of society. Results are used widely in making decisions affecting every neighbourhood. They are used in planning essential local services, and they also help to monitor social programmes ranging from housing to health.

Traditionally census data is published by Statistics New Zealand in aggregated tables and graphs for use throughout schools, business and homes. Recently Statistics New Zealand has sought to increase the benefits that can be obtained from its data by providing access to approved researchers to carry out research projects. Microdata access is provided, at the discretion of the Government Statistician, to allow authoritative statistical research of benefit to the public of New Zealand.

This project used anonymous census data and mortality data which were integrated using a probabilistic linking methodology to create a single dataset that allows the researchers to undertake a statistical study of the association of mortality and socio-economic factors. This is the first time that the census has been linked to an administrative dataset for purposes apart from improving the quality of Statistics New Zealand surveys. The project has been closely monitored to ensure it complies with Statistics New Zealand's strict confidentiality requirements.

Further Information

For further information about confidentiality matters in regard to this study please contact either:

Chief Analyst, Analytical Support Division or Project Manager, Data Laboratory
Statistics New Zealand
PO Box 2922
New Zealand

Tel: +64 4 931 4600
Fax: +64 4 931 4610

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