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Previous staff and students

Previous staff

  • Kristie Carter; PI; SoFIE-Health
  • Donna Cormack; Research Fellow; Unequal Treatment
  • Ricci Harris; Senior Research Fellow; Unequal Treatment
  • Matire Harwood; Assistant Research Fellow; Unequal Treatment
  • Fiona Imlach Gunasekara; Senior Research Fellow; SoFIE Health
  • Santosh Jatrana; PI of SoFIE-Primary Care
  • Bernadette Jones; Research Fellow; Unequal Treatment
  • Sarah McKenzie; Research Fellow; SoFIE Health
  • Melissa McLeod; Senior Research Fellow; Unequal Treatment
  • Gordon Purdie; Biostatistician; Unequal Treatment
  • Ruruhira Rameka; Administrative Assistant; Unequal Treatment
  • Ken Richardson; Senior Research Fellow/Biostatistican; SoFIE Health, NZCMS
  • Bridget Robson; PI; Unequal Treatment
  • Frederieke van der Deen; Assistant Research Fellow; SoFIE Health

Previous students

  • Saira Dayal; MPH; NZCMS (2007)
  • Amanda D'Souza; MPH; NZCMS (2002)
  • Jackie Fawcett; PhD; NZCMS (2005)
  • Fiona Gunasekara; PhD; SoFIE Health (2010)
  • Anjum Harat; Visiting Post-Graduate Student; NZCMS (2007)
  • Sarah Hill; MPH; NZCMS (2003)
  • Carolyn Hooper; PhD; Neighbourhoods and Health (2014)
  • Darren Hunt; MPH; NZCMS (2003)
  • Vivienne Ivory; PhD; Neighbourhoods and Health (2009)
  • Sarah McKenzie; MPH; SoFIE Health (2009)
  • Caroline Shaw; MPH; NZCMS (2004)
  • Matt Soeberg; PhD; CancerTrends (2014)

Health Inequalities Research Programme (HIRP)
Department of Public Health
University of Otago, Wellington
PO Box 7343
Wellington South 6242
New Zealand
Tel +64 4 918 5072

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