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Professor Antony Braithwaite

Professor Antony BraithwaiteMSc, PhD

Professor Antony Braithwaite is head of the Cell Transformational Unit at the Children's Medical Research Institute, based at the University of Sydney. He splits his time between Otago and Sydney.

Antony completed his Bachelor and Masters of Science degrees at the University of Auckland before embarking on his PhD at the Australian National University. Antony was awarded a Howard Florey Fellowship and worked at the Marie Curie Cancer Research Institute in the UK, before returning to the Australian National University to lead a team studying basic mechanisms in cancer cell formation. In 1996, he took up a personal Professorship in Pathology at Otago.

Antony's research is focused on the regulation of cell proliferation and cell survival and the role played by the tumour suppressor protein, p53.


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