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Bedroom furnishings

Leith-View-BedroomRooms are furnished with:

  • Curtains
  • Beds
  • Mattress protector or under blanket
  • Two sheets
  • One pillowcase
  • Most wardrobes are floor to ceiling, with three or four drawers in the dresser section

Students must bring their own towels, duvet and duvet inners and/or blankets. A bedding pack may be made available at a cost.

Other furnishings may include:

  • Mirror
  • Easy chair
  • Wastepaper basket
  • Towel rail
  • Desk lamp
  • Ceiling lamp with shade on
  • Bedside stool
  • Display boards


Your rooms are cleaned on a regular weekly routine and all public areas are cleaned daily.

We expect you to keep your room tidy with some ventilation via windows from time to time!

Personalise your room

Residents often like to personalise their room. Within common sense limits, we encourage and support room personalisation efforts.

However, we ask that all residents observe fire and life safety standards for the safety of themselves and of other residents and guests. Please keep in mind that you should leave your room in the same condition it was in when you arrived.

Your Sub Warden may be a helpful resource as you plan your room personalisation efforts. Do not fix anything to the walls, ceiling or woodwork by any form of adhesive such as glue or sticky tape or fastenings such as staples or drawing pins.

Use of rooms during vacations

Arana will not use your rooms for conferences during the 38 week residential season, though conferences and functions will take place at Arana.

Damage to rooms

Rooms and their contents are the responsibility of the resident. Rooms should be kept locked when the resident is absent. All damage and losses, including damage to the exterior of doors will be charged to the resident.

Room changes/College changes

Room allocation is the responsibility of the Warden. Room changes are not permitted except in exceptional circumstances with the permission of the Warden.

The Warden reserves the right to relocate a student at anytime.

Safety and maintenance

Protection of heating

Residents must not tamper with any heating controls. You may turn heating equipment on and off using the tap for water heaters and the push button on the oil column heaters.

Never leave anything to dry on a heater or sit on the same. Keep your thermostats set on a lower setting unless it's really cold.

Electrical fixtures

Electrical light fixtures are not to be modified in any way. Homemade light fixtures, oriental-style paper lampshades, combustible decorations on light fixtures, overloaded outlets, and extension cords in ill repair are all fire hazards.

Exceeding the maximum wattage acceptable to your ceiling fixture is also a serious fire hazard and is not permitted. Electrical extension cords should be in good repair.

Under no circumstances are frayed or spliced extension cords permitted. Extension cords should be of heavy enough wire to handle the appliance and distance desired. If a cord becomes warm during use, then it is not the correct weight. Cords must not be nailed or pinned in place and must not be covered.

If additional outlets are needed, check with the Property Manager first, special multiple-outlet boxes with built-in circuit breakers can be purchased at a hardware store.

Turn off all lights/heaters when they are not needed to conserve energy.


Storage space is limited and Arana College assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged articles left in storage. If possible, you should plan to bring only items that will fit in your room.

Large bulky items such as tyres, furniture, and bicycles may not be stored in rooms. Skis may be stored.

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