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Healthy and delicious

Lunch time at AranaArana's kitchen is renowned for its healthy and delicious cuisine. In fact, many of our past residents have gone so far as to say it beats home cooking!

Flexible meal options

Convenience for our residents is also a major priority of our food service, so our dining room has an 'open door' policy, with food available from 7:00am until 10:00pm.

With flexible options for packed lunches, late lunches, early dinners, late dinner plus brunches that run until midday, nobody need ever miss a meal at Arana! Specific diets may be catered for on request.

Breakfast runs all morning at Arana, with cereals available until 10:00am. Hot and cold drinks and toast are available at all times while the dining room is open.

Buffet-style meals

Lunchtime serviceThe friendly kitchen staff take pride in presenting a full range of international cuisine to restaurant quality on a daily basis. Arana's buffet-style dinners usually include at least two options of main dish, plus vegetarian options, as well as an array of seasonal vegetables and garden-fresh salads and desserts.

Special and theme dinners

Although the everyday standard of food at Arana is high, the kitchen staff likes to outdo themselves occasionally with formal dinners and special theme meals such as Chinese, Indian, Teddy Bears Picnic, 'Tex Mex' and Christmas dinner.

Dining room

Lunchtime service AranaThe dining room is conveniently located and efficiently managed by our Food Service Manager and their team.

Careful attention is given to nutrition, and the hygienic preparation of meals

Packed lunches and late dinners

If required, you can take a packed lunch with you and you can by arrangement have a late meal put aside for you in the evening. Residents that have a conflict with course timetable, or sport practice, are encouraged to make use of these options.

Dining rules

Strict rules and regulations are in place to protect the interests of the majority of the dining hall users.

  • Clean and tidy dress code
  • No hats (unless for religious reasons)
  • Footwear must be worn
  • A review of residence or fine may be given for any food thrown or used inappropriately
  • Proper and polite use of plates and cutlery is expected
  • Residents must not remove cutlery, crockery or dining room equipment from the dining room

Special dietary needs

If you have a special dietary need, such as a religious or cultural food preference, allergies, intolerances, or similar you must contact Arana to discuss your needs before accepting a place at Arana.

The kitchen team will make every reasonable attempt to manage a special diet, however due to the large number of residents it may not be possible to cater for all needs.

Guests at meal times

If meals are required for any guests of residents the guest meal must be paid for in advance at our reception.

If you have a guest dining with you, you must pay for the cost of that meal. No unpaid guest is to be entertained in the dining room during mealtimes. This includes morning teas and suppers.

Charges for casual diners apply. Check the Arana Handbook for the cost of guest meals.

The College management team regrets that we are unable to accommodate resident's guests at special formal meals. Please also note that our food service at Arana is non-transferable to non-residents.

Barbecues and picnics

We try to include barbecues when weather is favourable at the beginning and end of year.

We encourage you to take a cut lunch up into the Botanical gardens on sunny weekends; they are just two minutes walk away. The Woodhaugh gardens have outdoor cooking facilities as well and this makes a great picnic spot for floor groups.

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