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Our residents' health is one of our major concerns.

Please let a staff member know if you are not feeling well and we will do our best to take care of you. We are able to assist with the arrangement of medical appointments if need be. Occasionally, we find that going home to rest is a very sensible option in cases of serious illness.


All Arana College's residents are strongly advised to check on all the necessary immunisations against infectious diseases before arrival. Remember living in a community requires common sense and an awareness of the health issues that can arise from living in this environment.

Arrangements for sick residents

We encourage residents to isolate in their rooms if they are unwell. Sick meals are available and get ordered through Te Puna. A staff member will bring you your sick meal. Your health is our concern, but you will appreciate that we have no way of caring for you if you don't let someone know you are sick.

Student Health

The University of Otago Student Health and Counselling Service is situated on Albany Street. They provide a dedicated, comprehensive holistic health service for currently enrolled University of Otago students.

You will be able to develop a relationship with one Doctor and/or nurse or counsellor. If you make an appointment, the reception staff will endeavour to ensure you are seen by your regular health specialist. Emergency clinics are also available for urgent illness or accidents.


Opening hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Tel 64 3 479 8212, or dial 8212 direct if using an Arana phone

After Hours Service

After Hours Doctors (7 days, 8am - 11pm)
18 Filluel Street
Tel 64 3 479 2900


In case of severe illness or accident, residents are encourage to ring (1)111 for ambulance services. There are notices regarding urgent medical care near all College telephones, please familiarise yourself with these early on in the year.

First Aid

The first aid cabinet in the College is kept at reception. Ask any of our staff for help.

If you have a first aid certificate and would be willing to help in an emergency please let your Sub Warden or the Warden know when you arrive into the College.

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