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Calling within the University

If you want to make a call within the University, you can do this through the office or through your cellphone.

College notices

College notices are delivered on TV monitors found in the foyer outside reception, dining room, Rawiri and above the mail slots. Important notices are also posted on Facebook. Please keep checking these regularly.

You must have permission from a staff member to place any notices on the notice board. If any notices do not have an Arana College stamp on it, it will be taken down.


Posting mail

There is a mailbox outside reception, for posting mail.

  • Internal – mail sent within University departments
  • External – mail to be sent outside the University (must have prepaid postage)

Receiving mail

All mail sent to you must include your name in the address. Resident mailboxes (for receiving mail) are found across from the dining room.

You will receive mail sent to you quicker if it is addressed to:

(Your Name)
Arana College
110 Clyde Street

Mail sent using the University's address may be delayed slightly as it must pass through the University's mail system before being delivered to Arana.

(Your Name)
Arana College
University of Otago
PO Box 56


Any parcels delivered to residents will be held at reception and a note placed in your mail slot advising a parcel is held for you to pick up.

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