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Discovery and innovation in biomedical sciences

Anxiety control

Joon Kim sitting on a rock in a forest next to a streamDr Joon Kim.

Research designed to better understand what happens inside our brains when we feel anxious could unlock more effective ways of treating anxiety disorders.

Anxiety control

Genomics for good

Alana Alexander sitting at a desk with a computer screen that is displaying lines of code thumbnailDr Alana Alexander.

“I'm hoping that these 'science pūrākau' might be a powerful way to inspire and encourage some of the next generation to pick up the tools of genomics to learn about and care for taonga species.”

Genomics for good

Mighty mussels

Nathan Kenny holding muscles next to rocks thumbnailDr Nathan Kenny.

Some green-lipped mussels should be able to tell us how we can mitigate the effects of climate change on these molluscs and improve their productivity.

Mighty mussels

Structural biologist recognised

Peter Mace_tnProfessor Peter Mace.

Peter's research has uncovered multiple protein structures relevant to cancer treatment.

2022 Rowheath Trust Award and Carl Smith Medal winner

Transforming cancer treatment

Sarah Diermeier standing outside in front of the Department of Chemistry sign thumbnailDr Sarah Diermeier.

An Otago cancer researcher's intrepid quest for new cancer therapies is professional and personal.

Transforming cancer treatment

Landmark achievements in human health

Helping cure TB

Professors Kurt Krause and Greg Cook in the lab thumbProfessors Kurt Krause and Greg Cook.

“If we can target the two enzymes in TB that together respire with oxygen then we can potentially rapidly cure TB infections, and over time we would have the potential to eradicate TB completely from humans.”

The Otago researchers helping to cure TB (Issue 54,Otago Magazine)

'Holy grail' drug delivery invention

Professor John Reynolds and Tomas Ribeiro in a lab thumbProfessor John Reynolds and Tomas Ribeiro.

“For example, we've got great drugs for treating cancer, but we just don't have good ways of getting them in the right areas in large enough doses to kill off the tumours and not hurt the rest of you.”

'Holy grail' drug delivery invention secures US patent

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