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Sport and recreation at Carrington College

Carrington is a great place to take part in all sorts of activities that will take place throughout the year.

Recreation facilities

At the centre of the Carrington campus you'll find our astro-turf tennis court which is a great place for all sorts of activities, including court cricket and court soccer. You can grab any equipment you need from one of the staff!

In Linton House we have an excellent Pool Room, a hive of activity post-meals as people squeeze in a quick game. The Stuart Lounge houses our table tennis table and one of our Sky Digital flat screen TV's. The other is found in our Jenkins TV Lounge.

For the 'big game' occasions we use the ENORMOUS projector screen in the Dining Room with the MASSIVE sound system!


Carrington has a tradition of supporting music and the arts. We have three excellent piano's, including a baby grand in our beautiful Linton Lounge. You will often here people practicing, performing or just tinkering away. The Linton Lounge also offers an excellent place for you to practice other instruments.


Carrington College has a small gym with modern cardio equipment, along with some light weights. Carringtonians know that achieving great academic results also means keeping in great physical shape, so this gym gets a real work out in between study sessions!

Carrington competitions

Various competitions happen throughout the year at Carrington and usually include:

Tennis (on our very own astro-turf tennis court)
Court soccer

Inter-college fun

The Carrington community enjoys getting out and competing against other colleges. Highlights for the year include the inter-college Sports Day in orientation week, the inter-college Swimming Sports and the Stuart Shield challenges against Arana.