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Study Nursing at Otago

The Department of Nursing at the University of Otago, Christchurch is ranked in the top 100 nursing schools in the world*.

We specialise in training registered nurses, and also graduates from any background who wish to pursue a career in nursing.

*( QS rating, 2022, under former name Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies)

Want to begin a career in nursing?

For those looking to begin a nursing career we offer the Master of Nursing Science – a full-time graduate entry programme that provides an intensive pathway to the nursing profession in two years.

Further training for registered nurses

As a student in the Department you will undertake programmes that are relevant to your clinical practice and allow you to make a contribution to the profession and to improving health outcomes for the population.

For registered nurses wishing to advance their practice we offer clinically focused postgraduate certificates and diplomas, and masters’ and PhD qualifications.

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Nursing at Otago

On-campus study blocks and online learning

We recognise that as health practitioners you need to balance your academic and professional commitments so offer on-campus study blocks supported by online learning and access to student support services.

Details of the programmes and qualifications

Department of Nursing at University of Otago, Christchurch


NURS papers

Paper Code Year Title Points Teaching period
NURS403 2024 Mental Health Nursing Practice 30 Semester 1
NURS404 2024 Advanced Mental Health Nursing Practice 30 Not offered in 2024
NURS405 2024 Health Assessment and Advanced Nursing Practice 30 Semester 1, Semester 2
NURS409 2024 Mental Health Nursing Practicum 30 Semester 2
NURS411 2024 Nursing - Critical Care & High Acuity 30 Semester 2
NURS413 2024 Primary Health Care Nursing - Rural/Urban 30 Semester 2
NURS415 2024 Nursing Research Methods 30 Semester 1
NURS416 2024 Nursing - Applied Pharmacology 30 Semester 2
NURS418 2024 Nursing Education - Principles and Practice 30 Semester 2
NURS423 2024 Nursing - Leadership and Management 1 30 Semester 1
NURS424 2024 Nursing - Leadership and Management 2 30 Semester 2
NURS426 2024 Nursing - Gerontology 30 Semester 2
NURS427 2024 Long-term Conditions: Pathophysiology and Management 30 Semester 1
NURS429 2024 Therapeutics for Advanced Nursing 30 Semester 2
NURS431 2024 Rural Nursing 30 Semester 2
NURS433 2024 Intellectual Disability: Theory into Practice 30 Semester 1
NURS434 2024 Therapeutics: Knowledge and Integration 30 Semester 1
NURS435 2024 Evidence Based Nursing Practice 30 Semester 1
NURS441 2024 Professional Nursing 15 1st Non standard period
NURS442 2024 Health Care in New Zealand 15 1st Non standard period
NURS443 2024 Nursing Science 1 15 1st Non standard period
NURS444 2024 Nursing Science 2 15 1st Non standard period
NURS445 2024 Introduction to Clinical Nursing Practice 15 1st Non standard period
NURS446 2024 Nursing Clients with Altered Health States 15 1st Non standard period
NURS447 2024 Applied Nursing Research 30 1st Non standard period
NURS471 2024 Special Topic: Foundations of Infection Prevention and Control 30 Semester 1
NURS472 2024 Special Topic: Infection Prevention and Control in Practice 30 Semester 2
NURS501 2024 Nursing Science 3 15 1st Non standard period
NURS502 2024 Mental Health Nursing 15 1st Non standard period
NURS503 2024 Nursing Clients with Complex Health States 15 1st Non standard period
NURS504 2024 Consolidation of Practice 30 1st Non standard period
NURS530 2024 Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Practicum 30 Semester 2
NURS531 2024 Clinical Research Project 30 Semester 1, Semester 2
NURS580 2024 Nursing Research Project 30 1st Non standard period
NURS581 2024 Integration of Nursing Theory and Practice 15 1st Non standard period
NURS590 2024 Dissertation 60 Semester 1, Semester 2, 1st Non standard period
NURS5P 2024 Clinical Research Practicum 120 Thesis full year

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Studying at Otago

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