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The PGDipSci is an ideal pathway to furthering your studies if you have completed an undergraduate degree in a Food Science related discipline, (but which has not already included a significant research component resulting in a dissertation). Completion of a Postgraduate Diploma in Science can provide a pathway for entry to a one year Master's by thesis only.  The Postgraduate Diploma in Science is a mixture of taught papers and a research component. There are a number of options for the research component. The Department of Food Science encourages students to undertake a 60 point research project (FOSC490) as part of the PGDipSci.  This keeps your options open for further research based study.  The taught papers are 20 point Advanced Topics.  Each 20 point paper is made up of two 10 point modules, - you can select modules according to your interests.

Programme requirements

Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci) in Food Science

  • One of:

  • Papers to make a total of 120 points from:

    • FOSC 401 Topics in Advanced Food Science 1
    • FOSC 402 Topics in Advanced Food Science 2
    • FOSC 403 Topics in Advanced Food Science 3
    • FOSC 404 Topics in Advanced Food Science 4
    • FOSC 405 Topics in Advanced Food Science 5
    • FOSC 406 Topics in Advanced Food Science 6
    • FOSC 407 Topics in Advanced Food Science 7
Note: With approval from the Head of the Department of Food Science, FOSC 460 or one 400-level paper from another relevant subject may be substituted for one of FOSC 401-407.

Making a formal application

Apply online following the Otago University Application process unless you are an International student.

International applicants who are new to the University of Otago should refer to the International section of the website before making an online application.

Should you need advice or have any questions about our department courses then please contact us.


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