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Each day at Hands-On is divided between three activities.

Research project


Each morning students participate in a Research Project in one University department. Allocation to these projects is based on the five projects you selected at registration.

For each project we also try to achieve a good balance of skills and backgrounds, while accommodating the specific requirements of individual projects and supervisors.

Every attempt is made to satisfy student preferences.

See the list of available projects

Afternoon Taster programme

act2The Taster programme allows students to have a small taste of a variety of other research activities, both on and off campus, during the afternoon programme.

Each afternoon Taster comprises two hours of interactive, fun opportunities for students to see researchers in action in real-life situations.

We hope that these Tasters will introduce participants to the exciting diversity of research and its countless practical applications.

See more information about the Tasters programme

Social activities

act2The learning programme is balanced by a variety of social and recreational activities in the afternoons and evenings.

Experienced supervision will be provided at all times during the course of the Hands-On at Otago programme.

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