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Summer research scholarships are also offered by other Centres and external organisations. These often like to administer the scholarships themselves. Any external opportunities we receive will be listed here as they arise.

Projects will be posted on this page as they become available.

HeartOtago administered scholarships

HeartOtago is administering three summer scholarships in 2023/2024, all aimed at improving heart health equity for both (i) students who are eligible and (ii) focus of the project. The scholarships are as follows:

  • Two scholarships are provided by Pūtahi Manawa; Healthy Hearts for Aotearoa New Zealand. The scholarships are open to Māori, Pacific and women students only, and are worth $8,500.
    Pūtahi Manawa website
  • One scholarship is provided by HeartOtago, the University's Heart Health Research Theme. It is open to Māori and Pacific students and is worth $6,000 plus $1,000 of research costs.
    HeartOtago website

These scholarships will be awarded based on the equity-focused conditions listed in Pūtahi Manawa | Healthy Hearts for Aotearoa New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence Code of Conduct, and will follow the same guidelines that apply to the Health Sciences summer scholarships:

Pūtahi Manawa HHANZ Code of Conduct (PDF)

Health Sciences summer scholarships webpage with the following specific exceptions:

Purpose is to provide research training and experience for one enthusiastic student who is Māori or of Pacific Peoples, or a woman, in a summer project relevant to the heart in health or disease. The project can be based in worldviews of Pakeha, Māori or Pacific Peoples. These studentships are intended to provide personal support for students so they can gain research skills and experience.

Criteria for awarding scholarships

Criteria used for awarding scholarships are:

  1. Two of the three scholarships are for Māori or Pacific students only.
  2. Merits of the proposed project
  3. Student's motivation in relation to the project
  4. Feasibility of completing the proposed project within the allotted 10-week period, including consideration of:
    • Availability of appropriate support and approval (e.g., project supervision, cultural support, and ethical approval)
    • The student's skills (e.g., year of study) and academic record

Assessment of the applications is carried out by HeartOtago's Steering Committee.

Important dates

  • Closing date is 5 pm, Friday 25 August 2023
  • Panel assessment date is on or before Friday 15 September 2023
  • Notification of successful applicants is Friday 22 September 2023
  • Completion of finalised project, supervision and coversheet is Friday 29 September 2023

Application process

  1. Ensure you understand the purposes, demands and benefits of summer studentships, through discussion with:
  2. Look through the types of research undertaken in HeartOtago and consider what areas might interest you. It may also be possible to undertake research in a more Te Ao Māori or Te Ao Pacific Peoples context, with a HeartOtago researcher or potentially outside the HeartOtago-affiliated staff, with facilitation from one of the researchers or support groups mentioned above;
  3. Develop a project based on discussion with your nominated supervisor (if they are happy to supervise) and a staff member who is able to provide appropriate cultural support / oversight. Then write the application with only advisory input from your supervisor, as described below.
  4. Email by the due date, 25 August 2023, with “summer studentship application” in the subject line, and attaching the following information:
    • A brief (half page maximum) explanation of why you want to do a summer studentship
    • An outline, of no more than 3 pages, outlining your proposed project
    • A brief CV (maximum 2 pages; include volunteer work, paid work, awards, student ID)
    • A letter of support from your nominated supervisor, as detailed in the Health Sciences scholarship applications
  5. A decision on the successful applicant will be made by 15 September 2023 and applicants notified of the outcome on or by 22 September 2023.
  6. Supervision and an appropriate project should be finalised by 29 September 2023 - including completion of a coversheet - to allow time for the relevant research approvals as required.
    Summer Scholarship Coversheet (PDF)
  7. For Pūtahi Manawa scholarships, the student and staff will need to then liaise with Pūtahi Manawa via an appropriate member of the HeartOtago steering committee, to ensure compliance with their conditions and reporting.
    Conditions for Pūtahi Manawa scholarships (PDF)
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