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Are honours students eligible?

Yes. Honours and PGDip students are eligible if they enrol at Otago the following year.

Am I eligible if I am an international student?


I am currently doing a BHealSc but already hold a Master degree in another discipline, am I eligible?

No. The purpose of the summer research scholarship is to provide research experience to undergraduate students and therefore is not designed for Master's thesis and PhD students. Students with PhDs, Master's or who have already graduated are not eligible for these scholarships either.

I am not an Otago student, am I eligible?

No. Students need to be currently enrolled at Otago to be eligible for a summer research scholarship.

I intend to only take a couple of papers next year; can I still apply for a summer research scholarship?

No, you need to intend to enrol full-time to be eligible. Please note that the Neurological Foundation welcomes applications from current undergraduates who do not plan to study the following year.

I have already received a summer research scholarship last year; can I apply again?

A student who has previously held a centrally funded Summer Research Scholarship in the Division of Health Sciences is not eligible to hold a second centrally funded scholarship, except for Māori and Pacific students, and in cases where a justification is provided as to the benefits of holding a second scholarship.

HRC Ethics allows for repeat candidates.

I am doing an undergraduate in the Division of Sciences; can I apply for a HS SRS?

Yes, but only for certain scholarships. Carefully review the eligibility criteria before applying.

Can I take a summer paper if I received a summer scholarship?

No. The summer scholarship must be your only academic obligation during the 10 weeks of its tenure.

How do I find a supervisor?

The Summer Scholarships Handbook (PDF) contains a section explaining the process. You need to be proactive. If you have a specific area/project in mind and don't know who to approach, do a search on the Staff Expertise Database.

Can I undertake my project outside of Dunedin?

Students must be based in Dunedin over the summer period to undertake the project, and be supervised by Dunedin-based staff of the University of Otago or Te Whatu Ora – Southern.

If you want go home to Wellington or Christchurch then you need to apply into the schemes there.

Can I have a part-time job over summer?

Yes, but the summer scholarship must be the student's only academic obligation during the 10 weeks of its tenure (i.e. students cannot be enrolled in Summer School).

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