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The University is committed to valuing and rewarding staff and to promoting a healthy work/life balance by having flexible working arrangements and schemes in place.  Purchasing Additional Leave is designed to assist those who want longer periods away from work than their usual paid leave entitlements provide.

For eligible staff, Additional Leave can be purchased in one week blocks up to a maximum of five weeks per annum.  The cost (payment) is deducted over future fortnightly pays, starting from the next available pay period following the receipt of the approved application form and set-up by Payroll.  Note that Additional Leave is separate to Annual Leave.

Additional Leave purchased will accrue daily in equivalent weeks and displayed in the Staff Web Kiosk (SWK). Accrued Additional Leave can be booked via the SWK, subject to approval, any time after the first payment is made. Payment details will show in the SWK fortnightly payslip.

The fortnightly payment amount depends on a number of gross earning variables.  As a 'quick' approximate guide, you can calculate 2% of your gross earnings for each week of leave you want to purchase, then divide that amount by 26 to obtain the approximate fortnightly payment amount.  E.g. $70,000 salary x 2% (one week) = $1,400 per annum / 26 pays in a year = $54 per pay deducted.  Two weeks is 4%, three weeks is 6%, four weeks is 8% and five weeks is 10%.  Please note the actual amount will be calculated at the time your application is received by Payroll, and once started, any change in your hours or remuneration will change the payment amount.

As with any University provision, those considering purchasing additional leave should read and understand the policy and procedures:

To apply to purchase additional leave, complete this form:

Additional Leave Purchase Request Form

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