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Your public holiday leave entitlement is defined in your employment agreement. The University observes all New Zealand statutory holidays, as well as local Anniversary Days. Otago Anniversary Day is observed in lieu on the Tuesday following Easter Monday.

If you are required to work on a public holiday, please refer to your employment agreement to find out what you are entitled to.

Find out public holiday dates on the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website
Download a flowchart to help work out entitlement for payment of public holidays

Timesheet staff

When completing a timesheet via the Web Kiosk, it is important to select the correct Public Holiday payment code.  It is dependent on the work pattern and whether the day was worked or not.

Download the public holiday codes information sheet

Casual staff

Casual staff are engaged to work on an “as and when”  required basis, for discrete periods of time.  As a result, it is  unlikely a casual staff member will be eligible for paid public  holidays.  Your Divisional HR Manager/Adviser can provide advice if  required.

Christmas/New Year close down period

The University observes a close-down period between Christmas and New Year to provide as many staff as possible with the opportunity to enjoy an extended break.  In relation to staff with clinical duties with a District Health Board, the close-down period does not apply.

Further information regarding the Christmas/New Year close-down period is available in the Annual Leave Policy and on the Annual Leave page.

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