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Sick leave provides for a period of paid time away from work due to illness, or domestic leave, for permanent and fixed term staff. You should notify your Manager within 30 minutes of your normal start time wherever possible.

Your sick leave entitlement is included in your employment agreement. If your employment is casual, you are unlikely to be eligible for sick leave.

Medical certificates are required when sick leave exceeds five consecutive working days, and for absences of shorter periods when required by the University.

Permanent and fixed term staff

All permanent and fixed term staff are entitled to paid sick leave. The amount you are entitled to is included in your employment agreement, and is dependent on the date on which you started working at the University.

Booking sick leave

The majority of staff can book sick leave using the Staff Web Kiosk. Your request will automatically go to the appropriate approver and you will be informed of the outcome by automatic email from the Web Kiosk.

If you are a timesheet/variable hours employee, application should be made via the below online form.

Casual staff

Casual staff are engaged to work on an “as and when” required basis, for discrete periods of time. As a result, it is unlikely a casual staff member will be eligible for sick leave. Your Divisional HR Manager/Adviser can provide advice if required.

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