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About us

He kōrero mō mātou

About our service

Otago Micro and Nanoscale Imaging (OMNI) is a collaboration of four specialised units based within the University of Otago Dunedin campus.

We bring together a depth of expertise in a range of techniques and disciplines at the forefront of imaging capability. Specialist expertise and instrumentation is available in:

  • Confocal and light microscopy, and µCT scanning
  • Electron microscopy
  • Flow cytometry
  • Histology

Our staff can provide consultation and advice about appropriate research design, preparation, and implementation. We cater for training and support of independent equipment users, and have expert staff to provide contracted preparation and imaging services.

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Academic Advisory Group

The OMNI Academic Advisory Group’s role is to:

  • Provide advice on research infrastructure relevant to OMNI
  • Assess and report to the overall Divisional Research Infrastructure Governance Group (Division of Health Sciences), on significant emergent developments in academic research fields relevant to OMNI
  • Provide advice and make recommendations on the operation of OMNI

Academic Advisory Group members

Associate Professor Pete Jones
Academic Advisory Group Chair

Dr Mihnea Bostina
Director, Electron Microscopy

Dr Laura Gumy
Academic Leader, Confocal Microscopy

Associate Professor Keith Ireton
Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Associate Professor Joanna Kirman
Academic Leader, Flow Cytometry

Professor Fiona McDonald
Department of Physiology

Professor Dave Prior
Department of Geology

Dr Karen Reader
Acting Operations Manager OMNI
Department of Anatomy

Dr Tania Slatter
Academic Leader, Histology

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User groups

Each OMNI unit has a user group which consists of:

  • Staff from University of Otago departments who have a high usage of the unit’s equipment and services
  • Staff from the respective OMNI unit

The user groups:

  • Provide feedback to ensure that OMNI policies are appropriate and enhance affordable access to shared equipment and expertise for existing and potential future users
  • Suggest improvements that enhance the value OMNI provides to the research community
  • Highlight issues that hinder affordable access to and affect the practicality of conducting research at OMNI, and escalating these issues to the Divisional Research Infrastructure Governance Group if they cannot easily be resolved by the user community
  • Ensure that common areas and shared equipment (and equipment settings) meet the needs of OMNI users
  • Act as a hub and a conduit for the reciprocal flow of information from users to OMNI management and the Divisional Research Infrastructure Governance Group
  • Provide a forum for technical staff to interact with and update multiple users at once
  • Promote OMNI to researchers on and off campus
  • Appraise and update others on research conducted in the facility

User groups report to the OMNI Academic Advisory Group.

User group contacts

Confocal microscopy:

Dr Laura Gumy (Chair)

Dr Gemma Cotton, Oral Sciences
Dr Adriana Machado Saraiva, Department of Pathology
Dr Golnoush Madani, Department of Biochemistry
Mr Jeremy McCallum-Loudec, Department of Anatomy
Mr Andrew McNaughton, OMNI Confocal microscopy
Dr Peter Mei, Department of Oral Sciences
Dr Bruce Mockett, Department of Psychology
Dr Michelle Munro, Department of Physiology
Ms Melanie Prescott, Department of Physiology
Dr Karen Reader, OMNI Operations Manager
Dr Suzanne Warring, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, School of Biomedical Sciences

Electron microscopy:

Dr Mihnea Bostina (Chair)

Mr Richard Easingwood, OMNI Electron Microscopy
Mr Mark Gould, Department of Anatomy (in attendance)
Mr Kiel Hards, Department of Microbiology
Ms Wend-Ann Jansen van Vuuren, Dept. of Dentistry
Assoc. Prof. Beulah Leitch, Dept. of Anatomy
Dr Peter Mace, Department of Biochemistry
Mr Allan Mitchell, OMNI Electron microscopy
Dr Marianne Negrini, Department of Geology
Dr Karen Reader, OMNI Operations Manager
Dr Shakila Rizwan, School of Pharmacy
Dr Monica Tromp, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
Sai Velamoor, Student Representative

Flow cytometry:

Associate Professor Joanna Kirman (Chair)

Dr Indranil Basak, Department of Biochemistry
Mr Rajesh Lamichlane, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Dr Karen Reader, OMNI Operations Manager
Dr James Ussher, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Ms Michelle Wilson, OMNI Flow cytometry
Mr Oliver Eltherington, OMNI Flow cytometry
Dr Silke Neumann, Department of Pathology
Dr Kirsten Hartstonge, Department of Microbiology and Immunology


Dr Tania Slatter (Chair)

Assoc. Prof. Rebecca Campbell, Department of Physiology
Dr Anita Dunbier, Department of Biochemistry
Mr Robert Porteous, OMNI Histology
Ms Paulomi Mehta, Student Representative
Ms Melanie Miller, School of Medicine
Dr Karen Reader, OMNI Operations Manager
Dr Lyn Wise, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Associate Professor Stephanie Woodley, School of Biomedical Sciences