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To register and practise as a pharmacist in New Zealand, a four-year University programme leading to a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) degree has to be undertaken, followed by a minimum of 44 full-time weeks of trainee internship at approved hospital or community pharmacy sites.

The Otago Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), the oldest university pharmacy degree in New Zealand, opens opportunities to practise as a pharmacist in various professional settings. It is a broad-based university programme in the physical, biological, social, and health sciences.

Pharmacists are health professionals. They are the experts on medicines in the community. They have the skills and knowledge to help patients understand and use their medicines in the most appropriate way. The practice of pharmacy includes the development and manufacture of medicines, the supply and dispensing of medicines to patients, and the giving of information about medicines, drug therapy and disease management to patients, doctors and other health professionals.


Health Sciences First Year (HSFY)

HSFY counts as the first year of your BPharm degree.

Second year

Candidates for the second and subsequent years of the BPharm programme will normally have passed all papers for the previous year of study.

Third year

Fourth year for BPharm students

Fourth year for BPharm(Hons) students

The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours (BPharm(Hons)) programme comprises the standard BPharm programme for years 1–3, but with additional training in advanced research design, methodologies, techniques and analysis, as well as a research dissertation, in fourth year:
  • PHCY 410 Elective Studies A
  • PHCY 420 Pharmacy Management
  • PHCY 431 Structured Practical Experiential Programme
  • PHCY 480 Honours Research Project
  • PHCY 485 Applied Pharmacotherapy and Patient Care for Honours

Registration of pharmacists

Admission to the practice of pharmacy in New Zealand is governed by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

It requires practical training carried out under conditions prescribed by the Pharmacy Council. This practical work must be carried out after the candidate has passed the Fourth Year Examination for the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy.

Further details may be obtained from the Registrar of the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, PO Box 25137, Wellington 6040.

To apply for entry into pharmacy

Further information

If you have any questions about the BPharm degree, please contact our admissions administrator:


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