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New technologies are driving dramatic transitions in energy systems for heat, electricity and transport. These future energy systems will have much lower carbon emissions, be more renewable, efficient, flexible and intelligent, and more geographically distributed. New Zealand's 80% renewable electricity puts us at the forefront of these changes. Our unique programme aims to create energy professionals with the scientific knowledge, real world skills, and flexible problem solving to drive this transition in New Zealand and globally.

Career Opportunities

There are great opportunities for qualified people to pursue a career in the rapidly developing energy area both within New Zealand and around the world. Our graduates find successful and fulfilling careers in a diverse range of energy areas, including:
• Designing and implementing renewable energy supply solutions
• Renewable energy and energy-efficient technology research and development
• Identifying and implementing energy efficiency and sustainability measures for industry, organizations, or in the residential sector
• Assessing or managing energy use at energy-intensive industrial sites or in commercial buildings
• Advising on or developing energy and sustainability policy for national or local government.

You can find out more about career opportunities in energy here
Find out about the study and early career experiences of some of our Energy Science and Technology students

Undergraduate Degrees

We offer the only energy-focused undergraduate degree in Australasia. This comes in two forms:
BAppSc in Energy Management – a 3 year degree plus an optional honours year. This is an interdisciplinary degree (with a compulsory minor) targeted at students focused on professional careers in the energy sector. For more information about what Energy Management is all about visit the Carbon and Energy Professionals website.
BSc in Energy Science and Technology – a 3 year degree. This is a flexible science degree for students wanting to develop and understanding of the science and technology behind energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Details of the undergraduate programmes can be found here.

There are a number of energy-specific scholarships and prizes to assist you with your studies.

Postgraduate Degrees

We also offer a
• BAppSc honours year (Energy Management) and a PGDipSci (Energy Science and Technology). As part of this programme, in addition to taking specifically designed papers to prepare students for professional practice, students carry out research projects at the forefront of the energy field with real world applicability.

More details on 400-level study options can be found here.

• MSc in Energy Science and Technology and a PhD in various Energy topics.

More information on masters degrees can be found here.

Research that is currently being carried out in Energy in the Physics department can be found here.

Course recommendations

The energy programmes are designed to be flexible and cater for a range of student interests, including combinations of fundamental science with energy, energy and policy, and double majors in finance and energy.

Find detailed course recommendations on undergraduate and 400-level courses here or contact Associate Professor Michael Jack programme director for personalized guidance.

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