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Asset Management includes Property Management, Space Planning and Asset Lifecycle Management. Together, these teams manage leases and buying and selling properties, the effective use of space within the University, and the long-term planning for maintaining campus land and buildings. The aim is to make sure the property portfolio meets the University’s present and future space needs.

Property Management

The Property Management team’s main role is to ensure that the University's property portfolio is effectively and efficiently planned, developed, and managed for both current and future needs including negotiating leases, acquisitions and disposals as necessary.

All enquiries about leases should be directed to the University’s Property Managers.


Space Planning

The Space Planning team works closely with departments and Campus Development to plan how space can be used effectively and efficiently across our campuses, and helps departments adjust their space allocation as needs change. The Team also manages University space data (which department is where, and what type of use each space is designed for – used in the monthly occupancy charges), benchmarks our space use against other universities and answers a wide range of space-related questions from across the University.

Please send information on spaces changes and any space-related questions through to

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management’s primary role is to plan the maintenance, refurbishment, upgrade and renewal of building & infrastructure assets to ensure they meet the University’s needs, and that their cost and risk exposure is optimised over their lifespan.

Please make enquiries to the Head of Asset Management, Hayley Suter or the Asset Portfolio Planner Jon Bull.


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