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Property Service is responsible for keeping all of the University's campuses well maintained and humming along. The University has almost every kind of building you can imagine - for teaching, health clinics or as homes-away-from-home for our students. We have highly specialised laboratories, historic buildings, and an electricity network to power it all. It's very much like keeping a small, but very complex town running.

Please contact your Property Services Facilities Manager should you require support.

Dunedin Campus Facilities Managers map (PDF)

Health Sciences
Jonny Goldsmith
Mob +64 21 279 8007

Murray McDonald
Mob +64 21 279 3499

Margaret Strange
Mob +64 21 279 8020

Kushla Glover
Mob +64 21 279 8005

Professional Services / Lecture Theatres / Libraries
Alex Borland
Mob +64 21 279 8570

Tony Taylor
Mob +64 21 279 0201

Jack Stewart
Mob +64 27 433 5907


The Compliance team is responsible for making sure our buildings comply with building legislation and most importantly are safe to use. They ensure things such as fire extinguishers will work when needed, Building Warrants of Fitness are in place and manage the risk of exposure to asbestos dust. As building regulations have changed, their role has become ever more complex. It's accurate to say that without the Compliance team's work the University would not be allowed to open its doors.


The Energy team manages the electricity, heat and hot water which is supplied to our buildings so the University's students and staff can live and work in comfort. Their constant focus is on energy conservation, sustainability and cost management.


The Contracting team includes every kind of building trade under the sun to keep our buildings running smoothly - carpenters, joiners, electricians, plumbers, a signwriter or two and even a locksmith. They have someone on call 24/7 to provide the first response in an emergency. They also take care of everything from changing your light bulbs to medium-sized building alterations and anything in between.

Facility Management

Get to know your Facility Manager because she or he will often often be your first point of contact with the Property Service Division. If you need something fixed or have a space issue, a safety concern or a question relating to your building, they can be contacted directly via phone or email. They quite literally know the University's buildings inside out and are here to help you.

Their areas of responsibility include:

  • Liaising with building users and other stakeholders
  • Allocating and monitoring maintenance spending
  • Advising on policies relating to building management issues
  • Supervising and implementing asset management plans
  • Conducting annual property audits

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