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Need a wall removed or an extension built but don't know how much it will cost? No matter what the job, Property Services can provide your department with a professional cost estimate for building, renovating or maintenance projects.

Contact your Facility Manager for assistance.


Estimates Description Typical estimate tolerance
Programme Figure This is a broad figure given at conceptual discussion for feasibility +/- 50%
Rough Order of Costs (R.O.C) A figure usually given based on cost for similar work. May be square metre rates (m2) +/- 30%
Preliminary Assessment of Costs (P.A.C) This estimate had been prepared based on preliminary design documentation +/- 20%
Final Estimate of Costs (F.E.C) An estimate based on final developmental design and documentation normally to consenting standards +/- 10%
Quotation / Fixed Price

A fixed price quote given to a third party prior to being commissioned for the works.

The quoted sum will include allowances if necessary for contingencies and risk

+/- 0%


Also a fixed price, but is used when more than one supplier is competing for a contract.

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