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We keep the University sparkling! Custodial Services is responsible for cleaning over 200,000 square meters of offices, labs, hallways, lecture theatres and public spaces. Most of our work is done after-hours to ensure the smooth operation of University business during the day.

We organise and oversee all the custodial-related contracts for the entire Dunedin campus including the Medical and Dental Schools plus the Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Invercargill campuses. This includes contract cleaning administration involving tender and contract rounds, and carrying out quality audits on all University buildings to ensure cleaning levels meet our specifications.

Other services include: laundry, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, blind cleaning, pest control, provision of air fresheners and sanitary bins. We also stock and provide soap, bags, paper products and dispensers for all lab and departmental areas, along with this we provide a consulting service on the best product for an area and we deliver to all departments each Wednesday. (Orders to be sent to along with account code and delivery address, prior to 9am every Wednesday).

FAQ's - Cleaning & Custodial

What are the cleaners supposed to clean?

  • Daily comprehensive clean of toilets and shower facilities
  • Office cleaned once a week
  • Weekly removal of scuff marks from vinyl and polished floor surfaces
  • Weekly vacuuming of carpeted floors
  • Weekly removal of stains or marks from flooring
  • Weekly damp dusting of cleared work surfaces

What can I do if my area is cleaned unsatisfactorily?

What cleaning services are available during business hours?

  • There are limited cleaning services during business hours. Cleaners operate in an on-demand-only basis. Costs will be incurred to the department requesting the additional cleaning. Contact the Custodial Services Manager on 64 3 479 8176 for more information.

Can I arrange additional cleaning services?

  • Additional cleaning services can be arranged by telephoning the Custodial Services Manager on 64 3 479 8176. Additional cleaning will be charged on a cost recovery basis to the department requesting the cleaning.

Where can I find sanitary disposal bins?

  • Sanitary bins are located in female and disabled toilets.

How often are the sanitary bins serviced?

  • Sanitary units are replaced routinely every 4 weeks. If it is required they are emptied 2 weekly.

What happens if sanitary bins are overfull?

  • Staff or cleaners can report this to and the unit will be replaced within 48 hours.

Where can I find a toilet with Nappy bins?

  • Hocken Library ground floor toilets
  • Plaza café toilets

How often is my waste paper bin emptied?

  • Weekly when office is cleaned by rotation, only if the Method Recycling Bin System have not been introduce into the building
  • Method Recycling System: Daily Land Fill Red bins, when ¾ full Yellow Mixed Recycling, when ½ full Blue Glass and Grey paper as needed

Customer service is a top priority, so if you have a cleaning request or feedback, please contact us at

Email or contact:

VivWashingtonCustodial Services Co-ordinator

Viv Washington

Mob 64 21 279 8015

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