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Florian Beyer 2022 imageDr Florian Beyer, Associate Dean (International)

In the ADI role, Florian works to meet the needs of the departments and programmes of the Division around international educational and research opportunities. He also works closely with the International Office and the External Engagement Division. Florian supports the Division's Pacific Strategic Framework under the leadership of the Associate Dean (Pacific).

After his PhD and research positions in France and Sweden, Florian came to New Zealand in 2009. He has supervised several international students and his research in mathematics and mathematical physics has a strong international focus. Florian enjoys working with people from all walks of life strongly believing that everyone can succeed in the study of science and achieve satisfaction in their learning and work. Inclusiveness and respect underpin his approach to teaching and research.


Dr Florian Beyer
Associate Dean (International)
Tel +64 3 479 7768

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