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Ag@Otago's research aims to underpin the profitability and sustainability of New Zealand's primary industries.

New Zealand's economy depends on productive primary industries, which generate $30 billion a year in export earnings. The government aims to double the real value of New Zealand exports by 2025.

To support this growth, it will be important to increase both production and the value of our primary products, while minimising the impact of agriculture on the environment.

Ag@Otago aims to help achieve this through quality, fit for purpose research involving three related platforms:

  • Enhancing agricultural productivity
  • Adding value to primary industry products
  • Sustainable and profitable environmental management

The synergies we facilitate between diverse research expertise across the University will make the overall impact of our research far greater than the sum of individual contributions.

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Executive Management Committee

Ag@Otago has brought together a steering group with expertise in microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, food science, and sociology and industry management:

  • Director: Professor Frank Griffin
  • Agricultural Productivity: Associate Professor Richard Macknight
  • Product Value: Professor Indrawati Oey
  • Environmental Management: Professor Hugh Campbell
  • Industry Representation: Dr Anna Campbell

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