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Agricultural Innovation

The Agricultural Innovation programme is designed to develop future leaders in agriculture. The focus is on science and technology, but you will also gain an understanding and appreciation for agriculture in broader contexts including economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects.

Study Agricultural Innovation at Otago

Agricultural Innovation focuses on the major issues in agriculture that impact food production, security, safety and quality. The programme will explore the innovative changes in agriculture required to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, greenhouse gas emissions, and degradation of soil and water quality. Teaching will focus on the agricultural and industrial processes that drive food production systems necessary to guarantee food security in a world with ever increasing demands for food.

You will learn how innovation is used to advance economic, societal and ethical goals, such as increasing the monetary and nutritional value of food while reducing the negative environmental impacts. Māori perspectives relating to agriculture and the importance of Māori throughout the primary sector will be woven into the fabric of the course, providing students with an ethical framework and guidelines for engagement.

Entry to the Agricultural Innovation programme

Entry into the Bachelor of Applied Science (BSc) in Agricultural Innovation is open to anyone with University Entrance. During the first year at university you will be required to take 100-level papers in Agricultural Innovation, Biology and Chemistry. Taking Year 13 NCEA papers in Agricultural and Horticultural Science, Agribusiness, Biology and Chemistry, before entering university will be helpful. While Agribusiness is only available at a small number of secondary schools it is anticipated it will be available in the majority of schools in the immediate future. During your first year at university it is important to consider registering for other papers that are required to obtain a second major or minor in: Business, Economics, Marketing, Biological, Environmental, Physical or Social Sciences.

Career opportunities

After graduating with a BSc in Agricultural Innovation you will have the expertise to enable employment in the agricultural and food sector.

Postgraduate study, opportunities, and scholarships

Postgraduate study options in relation to our theme topics are currently in progress. PhDs can be undertaken under specialist topics.

Read about postgraduate scholarships at Otago.

Alliance Group Postgraduate Scholarships

Alliance Group Postgraduate Scholarships were established in 1981 encouraging research into the improvement of livestock, value enhancement by processing of end product or the marketing of primary meat produce. Applications for Alliance Group Postgraduate Scholarships are open to applicants obtaining their first doctoral qualification undertaking research related to the improvement of livestock, particularly sheep flocks.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand Scholarships

Beef and Lamb New Zealand offers Generic Agricultural Scholarships to help students with a passion for agriculture who want to pursue a career in the sector as well as Undergraduate Scholarships (Degree) to support development of well qualified people who will drive the sector forward with innovation and top class management skills.

Meat Industry Associate of NZ Scholarships

If you are interested in a future career in New Zealand's largest manufacturing sector, you can apply for the Meat Industry Scholarships 2020 programme (PDF).

The awards are aimed at New Zealand citizens or permanent residents studying at a tertiary institution who are looking to contribute their skills to the sector in the future. Six undergraduate scholarships providing NZD$5,000 a year for each year of study and four post-graduate awards of NZD$10,000 a year for each year of study are awarded to the successful applicants.

For more information:

Visit the MIA website > 'what we do' section or contact Paul Goldstone on +64 4 494 9507.

DairyNZ Scholarships

DairyNZ Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students with a particular interest in dairying and DairyNZ Masters Scholarships are awarded to outstanding graduates with a strong career motivation for dairy research and development (R&D).

Contributing disciplines' websites

These departments, schools, and faculties all have a role in our Research Theme. Visit their websites to read more about study opportunities or check out the University of Otago's subject index:
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