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Kei ō ringa, tō oranga | Your destiny is in your hands

The Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntr) is a uniquely self-directed degree that equips you to change the world as you create new products, services and ideas. The BEntr gives you a large degree of freedom in choosing what to study so that your passions, and the problems you want to solve, guide which papers you enrol in. The possibilities are unlimited.

Entrepreneurship is about more than founding startups. Existing businesses need entrepreneurial thinkers too. So do non-profit social and environmental enterprises, and iwi and Pacific communities. Building on Ōtepoti Dunedin's unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, the BEntr is designed to enable careers that involve developing novel solutions to important challenges facing the world. The programme reflects the Otago Business School's commitment to accelerating ventures that are for the good of people and the planet.

You do not need to take a major to complete the BEntr. Or if you want to, you can choose any combination of a major or minor in Business, Humanities, Sciences, Applied Science or the Bachelor of Health Sciences. It's up to you.

Entrepreneurship students

Programme structure of the BEntr

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (BEntr)

100-levelENTR 101 How to Start a Venture Responsibly18
ENTR 102 Entrepreneurial Tools and Practice18
200-levelENTR 201 Entrepreneurial Capital18
ENTR 202 Applied Social Entrepreneurship18
300-levelMANT 301 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship18
ENTR 312 New Venture Creation Strategy18
At least two of:
MANT 340 Indigenous Management and Organisation
MART 308 Integrated Digital Marketing
MART 333 Creative Marketing Communication
ECON 318 Behavioural Economics
AGRI 321 Agriculture Production and Food Security
ENVI 311 Understanding Environmental Issues
MART 306 Market-Led Innovation
Plus216 further points; must include 72 points at 200-level or above.216
 Note: Students should check the prerequisites for the 300-level papers when selecting 100- and/or 200-level papers. 
Total 360

Start your application at the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship regulations page

Student profiles

Lizzie Cunliffe

Lizzie Cunliffe, BAppSc, Consumer Food Science (major), Marketing Management (minor)

“The Audacious programme allowed me to expand my knowledge in innovation in a practical sense by learning valuable entrepreneurial skills including market research, financial skills, problem solving, leadership and communication. It involved a series of two-hour weekly workshops in which we were mentored by the wonderful Startup Dunedin team. The knowledge we obtained from these workshops was incorporated into my team's business idea, which led to us being awarded 'Best Pitch' on the night of the Audacious showcase.

“The programme gave me the opportunity to view the business world through a new lens. The entrepreneurial skill set I developed has allowed me to gain a practical insight into the real world of business and product innovation.”

Logan Johnson

Logan Johnson BCom, Marketing Management (major), Entrepreneurship (minor)

“One of the best aspects of my degree has been the interplay between the taught content and self-directed projects in marketing and entrepreneurship, and the extracurricular involvements that are available at Otago. The lecturers and staff provide opportunities to become involved with the Dunedin entrepreneurial ecosystem, and so I've been able to take theories and strategies straight from the lecture theatre into internships and roles with local startups.

“A particular highlight was when a lecturer was receptive to me tinkering with a startup concept and then using it as the basis for my assignments. This meant I was more engaged with my learning, and the feedback from the assignment was then directly applicable to the real world.

Otago Network for Entrepreneurship

Dunedin has a thriving startup ecosystem with information, networks, advocacy and resources available to build companies and new organisations. From creative weekends and innovation networks to co-working spaces, Dunedin is an entrepreneurial city with an exciting startup ecosystem.

Find out about the Otago Network for Entrepreneurship

“Want to turn your idea into a new product or service? Want to choose your own problem to work on at uni and solve it in a way that's better than anything that's come before? Then BEntr wants you. Get skills, knowledge and real-world practice doing business.”

Professor Nathan Berg, Dunedin City Council Chair in Entrepreneurship

For further information, contact

Associate Professor Conor O’Kane
Director, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship


Bachelor of Entrepreneurship structure diagram

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