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Hayward is a close-knit, diverse community of 176 students plus staff, a home where your contributions will be valued. Prepare yourself for a life-changing university experience.

Hayward College is owned by the University of Otago and operated by the Campus and Collegiate Life Services Division as part of the Operations Group. Hayward College is managed by the Warden and their team.

History of Hayward College

Hayward College has seen some changes since it was a maternity hospital.

Learn about Hayward's history

Hayward's values

Hayward is a nurturing place that embraces difference and celebrates individuality so that new students can grow and thrive.

Hayward's values



Hayward College is an environmentally conscious College and have recently registered with the University of Otago's Green Impact Awards scheme. Sustainability covers not only resource and energy use, it also involves making socially responsible choices and promoting a healthy lifestyle to maintaining our well-being. If you come to Hayward, you will be a part of our progress towards being a more sustainable College. Some ways Hayward is achieving this is through motion sensor lights in common spaces, recycling bins in each resident's room and the option to eat vegetarian meals at dinner time. If you come to Hayward College, you agree to participate in our sustainability initiatives. If you are interested in sustainability and would like to be involved developing our College's initiatives, you can apply to be on our Sustainability Committee and collaborate with other students and staff at the College.

The Hayward Building Project

The College underwent an extensive refurbishment at the end of 2018. This has resulted in a larger dining room and common space on the ground floor.

All bedrooms were refurbished with new décor and furniture. The majority of bedrooms in the main block were resized. Some of the College's bathrooms were also refurbished.

The Hayward Prize

The Hayward Prize was established in 2015 by the Brown and Hayward Families. The Inaugural Prizes were awarded at the end of 2016.

The prizes are for two outstanding community citizens who demonstrate commitment to scholarly achievement. Residential Assistants (and equivalents) are not eligible for nomination.

The prizes are awarded annually by the University Council on the recommendation of the selection panel subject to suitable recipients being nominated.

Each prize consists of a single payment of a minimum amount of $5,000 (depending on available funds). The prize is divided between $2,000 cash, and $3,000 towards the student's tuition fees for the following year.

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A look at some of the things we get up to throughout the year.

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