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Set yourself up for success at university by balancing your time and optimising your study.

Balancing your lifestyle can sometimes feel impossible but with some planning and prioritising you will get to a good place.

Getting the right balance of study, work and rest is important. Understand that it is normal to get stressed, it is normal to feel anxious. There are many techniques to help you learn to manage your stress and anxiety and to enable you to recognise when you need to ask for help from others.

A great way to start is to build mental resilience, to understand how you can best handle the daily pressures of student life. This will help set you up to manage stress and anxiety.

Some key things to remember if you are feeling stressed

  • Be kind to yourself, stay positive
  • Maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise and get some shut-eye
  • Take breaks and connect with others
  • Breathe, maybe give meditation a go

Optimise your study

  • Make a to-do list, plan a week/month ahead so you understand what deadlines are coming up
  • Understand when you work best, some people are best to study first thing in the morning others…not so much
  • Find out how you best process and retain information as everyone is different. If you are struggling or learn better with others, find a study group
  • Break your work up so it is manageable and not overwhelming
  • Take regular breaks: you will find you won't procrastinate during study if you know when you are next taking a break
  • Reward yourself

Resources to help you Health Yourself

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