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Everyone is always telling you to get enough sleep so why is sleep so important?

Sleep is crucial to your wellbeing and your health:

  • Restores your energy (so important when you have a full-on academic and social life)
  • It strengthens your memory (help retains all that information that you have just studied)
  • Helps your immune system fight off sickness (vital when living in a college or flatting)
  • Helps you stay positive and be in a good mood (be kind to yourself and your flatmates)

Having a sleep routine and prioritising your sleep is important. Different people need different amounts of sleep so understanding your needs is a great place to start.

A routine can take days or weeks to get into. Persist with the new routine and your body will thank you. Don't stress if you can't sleep as this will make it even harder.

Tips for getting good sleep

  • Try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day
  • Try to avoid caffeine late in day
  • Turn off devices (as hard as it is to turn off your phone or stop watching Netflix, it helps)
  • Relax, read or listen to music (calming music, not rock)
  • Make sure your room is dark
  • Use earplugs to block out surrounding sounds (your neighbours having that party you're tempted to go and join)

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