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It's ok to treat yourself to that chocolate bar, enjoy that bowl of noodles for lunch or go out to that BYO restaurant for a curry. We need to remember, it's about balance.

We all know eating a balanced diet is important to our health and wellbeing. Eating well helps both our body and mind. It isn't hard as you might think.

Fuelling your body doesn't need to be expensive, it doesn't need to take lots of planning, it doesn't have to involve hours in the kitchen. It is achievable when living in a flat when the only thing you know how to cook is spaghetti on toast or nachos.

Cooking as a flat can be a good thing as it means you don't have to cook every night and you can learn from each other. If this isn't an option and if you are cooking for yourself make sure you cook enough to freeze or have the following night.

Some key things to remember

  • Never skip breakfast. If you're running late, eat a banana on the way to class
  • Fill your plate with colour. White shouldn't be the only colour on your plate
  • Low fat doesn't mean healthy. Look for those hidden sugars
  • Complex carbs help to sustain your energy. Think wholegrain rice, pasta, oats, and breads
  • High-fibre foods will help to fill you up. Baked beans and porridge are good examples
  • Buy in-season. Fruit and veggies are cheaper, more nutritious and nicer when in-season
  • Check the Health Star Rating on packaged foods
  • Know the best way to store food and its lifespan – you want to avoid getting sick
  • Stay hydrated. Water is your best friend

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