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Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc)

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The Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc) is designed to enable health professionals to specialise in specific areas of practice at a postgraduate level, studying on a part-time basis. In general, this qualification is intended for health professionals who have completed three years of tertiary study and already have experience in the field.

The Certificate may lead into the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences (PGDipHealSc), or Master of Health Sciences (MHealSc) degree.

Information for new applicants

The Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc) is a postgraduate certificate comprising compulsory papers to the value of 60 points (usually two 30 point papers) from a schedule of "endorsed" options listed below.

You can obtain information about each endorsement by clicking on the links below.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences is taught from three campuses (Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington).

The Certificate may be credited towards the Postgraduate Diploma Health Sciences, though admission to the Diploma will depend upon performance.

Please seek advice from a course adviser prior to submitting your application.

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Regulations for the Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHealSc)

  1. Admission to the Programme

    1. Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences).
    2. Every applicant shall
      1. be a graduate or possess an appropriate health professional qualification requiring at least three years' full-time tertiary study;
      2. have experience of or be currently working in the relevant field of health care;
      3. present evidence of ability for advanced level academic study.

  2. Structure of the Programme

    The programme of study shall consist of approved papers, from the schedule of endorsed options, to the value of 60 points.

  3. Duration of the Programme

    1. A candidate for the certificate shall normally follow a programme of study for one semester of full-time study, or the equivalent in part-time study.
    2. A candidate shall complete the requirements for the certificate within two years of admission to the programme.

  4. Variations

    The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) may in exceptional circumstances approve a course of study which does not comply with these regulations.

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2024 Calendar and supplementary material.

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