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Special Collections Exhibitions

This page has information about the current exhibition as well as links to previous exhibitions. Many of the previous exhibitions are online.

Current exhibition

'Aliens, Androids & Unicorns.'  The Hal Salive Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection

In 1952, Harold Terrence Salive (1939-2012) stumbled across one of Groff Conklin's famous Science Fiction anthologies. After reading it, he was hooked. And two years later – aged 15 – he started 'hoarding' copies of Astounding Stories, which first appeared in January 1930 under the editorship of Harry Bates, and which carried straightforward action-adventure stories with a dash of the scientific to provide minimal plausibility. A stint in the army and study at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where in 1972 he graduated with a PhD in experimental psychology, solidified Salive's passion for collecting.

1967 was the year that Salive's collecting got serious. In that year he attended the Detroit Triple Fan Fair, with Sci-Fi writer Roger Zelazny in attendance; he corresponded with various Sci-Fi book dealers such as Gerry de la Ree (New Jersey), the Werewolf Bookshop (Verona, Pennsylvania), and Howard Devore (Dearborn, Michigan); and started receiving numerous catalogues from which he purchased books and magazines. He also joined various fan groups such as the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), and Science Fiction Newsletter, receiving publications such as Tightbeam and Through the Haze (New Brunswick, Canada).

In 1972 Salive and his family moved to Auckland, New Zealand, where he took up Lectureship in Psychiatry (non-medical) with Auckland University’s Department of Psychiatry at Auckland Medical School. And because of his computer skills, he was recruited to the position of New Zealand Software Consultant for an American computer company, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). In 1977 he had married his second wife, Rachel. In 1983, Salive and AUT’s Kevin Slade established Kiwisoft Programs Ltd, a registered company which had its debut selling CadPic (PaintPic + Printapic) for the Commodore 64 to an emerging worldwide market in personal computers. In 1996 the company featured in the American graphics magazine Advanced Imaging with an article on an industrial OCR imaging developed by Kiwisoft for Forestry Corporation NZ.

An important extension to Salive's collecting was his interest in gaming. One he worked on was an underwater diving game, which meant writing a graphics programme for the background scenes. The first image he 'painted' himself, using Paintpic, was a colourful rocket pointing out into space. Meanwhile his science fiction collection was steadily growing. He attended 'Aussiecon' in Melbourne in 1975 and 1985, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles in 2005, and a Sci-Fi conference in Japan in 2007. He started writing science fiction stories, and he taught courses on the history of Science Fiction, especially to U3A groups. In 2005, he moved to Waikanae and had purpose-built bookshelves made to house his growing collection. In between working on A-I projects, golf, and Tai Chi, he started cataloguing his collection of some 2500 items.

The Salive Collection consists of both Science Fiction and Fantasy and complements the Fastier hard-science collection of Sci-Fi. Van Vogt was a Salive favourite, as was Samuel Delany. Salive was also relentless in collecting pre-1949 issues of Astounding Stories, and continued collecting the series, which turned into Analog Science Fiction and Fact. Fantasy authors who feature predominantly include C.J Cherryh, Jack L. Chalker, George R.R. Martin, and Piers Anthony. There is no Tolkein, and only one Bradbury title.

In March 2013 Rachel Salive donated the Hal Salive Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection to Special Collections, University of Otago. It forms an excellent resource for students and scholars in the field of science fiction and fantasy (in all its formats) and remains a lasting legacy to a fine collector.



Dates: 12 March - 29 May 2015.
Venue: de Beer gallery, Special Collections, University of Otago
Contact: Dr Donald Kerr, Special Collections Librarian.; Phone: (03) 479-8330

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Master of the Burin: the book illustrations of John Buckland Wright, 1897-1954
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In the Flesh. The Monro Dynasty 1720-1846.
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"£100 & a butt of sack yearly" The office of the poet laureate
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'A Civilising Mission' : New Zealanders and the Rhodes Scholarship 1904 - 2004
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Glimpses of London's Past
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13 December 2002 - 13 March 2003
Rare Delights: recent additions to Special Collections
12 September - 28 November 2002
Unpacking Ruins: architecture from antiquity
21 June - 1 September 2002
Enlarging the prospects of happiness: European travel writing through the ages
21 March - 13 June 2002
Portrait of a gentleman scholar: celebrating the life and legacy of Esmond de Beer

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