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The backgrounds of the academic staff provide a variety of perspectives in the humanities and health, which helps students to reflect on current ethical issues in medicine, biology, health care, and the broader issues of environmental ethics.

Centre staff are also responsible for teaching one of the most extensive programs in medical ethics of any medical school in the world, and also ethics courses in pharmacy, physiotherapy, oral health, and midwifery.

Academic staff

Staff are available for consultation, particularly on matters relating to their research interests.

Dr Lynley Anderson – Professor

Ethics in sports medicine, reproductive ethics, clinical bioethics, professional development, codes of ethics.

Tel +64 3 471 6132

Dr Angela Ballantyne – Associate Professor

Global health policy and justice, ethical frameworks in research, genetics and ethics.

Tel +64 4 918 5090

Dr Sarah Bush – Professional Practice Fellow

Public health ethics, bioethics and health law.


Ms Alison Douglass – Honorary Senior Lecturer

Clinical ethics, research ethics, mental capacity, assisted reproductive technology.

Tel +64 3 477 3488

Dr Elizabeth Fenton – Senior Lecturer

Public health ethics, global health, resource prioritization, and health policy.

Tel +64 3 471 6128

Dr Grant Gillett – Professor Emeritus

Bioethics, neuroethics, philosophy of psychiatry, post-structuralist philosophy. Professor Gillett is not offering postgraduate supervision.

Ms Josephine Johnston – Associate Professor

Bioethics, law and policy relating to human reproduction, psychiatry, genetics, and neuroscience

Tel +64 3 471 6123

Dr Mike King – Head of Department and Senior Lecturer

Animal and environmental ethics, scientific responsibility, ethics of assisted reproductive technologies.

Tel +64 3 471 6130

Dr Taryn Knox – Lecturer

Philosophy of psychiatry and medicine, mental health ethics, sports ethics.

Tel +64 3 471 6122

Nicola Liebergreen – Assistant Research Fellow

Sociology, animal ethics, ethics of working with children and youth, sexual harm prevention.

Tel +64 211 252 123

Dr John McMillan – Professor

Prioritisation, reproductive ethics, the philosophy and ethics of mental health, research ethics, methods of bioethics.

Tel +64 3 471 6135

Dr Tania Moerenhout – Lecturer

Ethics and philosophy of (new) medical technologies, digital health ethics, clinical ethics and the patient‑doctor relationship.

Tel +64 3 471 5388

Dr Jing-Bao Nie – Professor

Cross-cultural and international bioethics, medical ethics in China / Asia.

Tel +64 3 471 6129

Dr Geoff Noller – Research Fellow

Tel +64 3 479 4134

Dr Neil Pickering – Associate Professor

Philosophy and ethics of mental health, medical humanities (particularly the use of literature in ethics teaching), alternative medicine, cultural issues in bioethics, environmental ethics.

Tel +64 3 471 6126

Dr Cindy Towns – Honorary Senior Lecturer

Bioethics, health policy, general medicine, and geriatrics.


Dr Simon Walker – Senior Lecturer

Moral philosophy, the nature of value, meaning, suffering, end of life care.

Tel +64 3 471 6124

Dr Janine Winters – Senior Lecturer

End of life ethical issues for both adults and children, high stakes decision making for children.

Tel +64 3 471 6120

Support staff

Angela Neugebauer – Administrator

Tel +64 3 471 6120
Fax +64 3 471 6121

Creating A Positive Learning Environment (CAPLE) project staff

CAPLE project

Affiliates and research students

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