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University of Otago Distinguished Research Medal

2021: Professor Keith Gordon, Chemistry

2020: Professor David Murdoch, Pathology and Biomedical Science

2019: Professor Richie Poulton, Psychology

2018: Professor David Craw, Geology

2017: Professor Parry Guilford, Biochemistry

2016: Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith, Anatomy

2015: Professor Sally Brooker, Chemistry

2014: Professor Greg Cook, Microbiology

2013: Professor Robert Poulin, Zoology

2012: Professor Alan Musgrave, Philosophy

2011: Professor Allan Herbison, Physiology

2010: Professor David Fergusson, Medicine Christchurch

2009: Professor Cliff Abraham, Psychology

2008: Professor Mark Richards, Medicine Christchurch

2007: Professor Keith Hunter, Chemistry

The Rowheath Trust Award and Carl Smith Medal

2021: Professor Benjamin Schontal, Religion and Associate Professor John Shaver, Religion

2020: Associate Professor Anne-Marie Jackson, Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences and Dr Louise Bicknell, Pathology

2019: Dr Karl Iremonger, Physiology

2018: Associate Professor Siân Halcrow, Anatomy

2017: Dr Kourken Michaelian, Philosophy

2016: Professor Richard B Gearry, Medicine Christchurch

2015: Joint Winners: Associate Professor Jessica Palmer, Law and Associate Professor Suetonia Palmer, Medicine Christchurch

2014 Joint Winners: Dr Haxby Abbott, Surgery and Dr Peter Fineran, Microbiology

2013: Dr Shinichi Nakagawa, Zoology

2012: Dr Jacob Edmond, English and Literature

2011: Associate Professor Lisa Stamp, Medicine Christchurch

2010 Joint Winners: Ms Jacinta Ruru, Law and Associate Professor Richard Troughton, Medicine Christchurch

2009: Dr Chris Brickell, Anthropology

2008: Dr Angela Wanhalla, History

2007: Dr Peter Dearden, Biochemistry

Early Career Awards for Distinction in Research

2021: Dr Sarah Diermeier (Biochemistry); Dr Christina Ergler (Geography); Dr Michael Garratt (Anatomy); Dr Anna High (Law); Dr Charlotte King (Anatomy); Dr Meredith Peddie (Human Nutrition).

2020: Dr Htin Lin Aung (Microbiology and Immunology); Dr Rebecca Kinaston (Anatomy); Dr Khoon Lim (Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine); Dr Rachel Purcell (Surgery); Dr Stefanie Zollmann (Computer Science).

2019: Dr Anna Garden (Chemistry); Dr Tim Hore (Anatomy); Dr Carolina Loch (Oral Sciences); Dr Erin Macaulay (Pathology); Dr Mei Peng (Food Science); Dr John Shaver (Religion).

2018: Dr Rosie Brown (Anatomy); Dr Allan Gamble (Pharmacy); Dr Tracy Melzer (Medicine, UOC); Dr Robert Odolinski (Surveying); Dr Michael Pankhurst (Department of Anatomy); Dr Daniel Ribeiro (Physiotherapy).

2017: Dr Tilman Davies (Mathematics and Statistics); Dr Bill Hawkins (Chemistry); Dr Tobias Langlotz (Information Science); Dr Nic Rawlence (Zoology); Dr James Scott (Geology); Dr Jesse Wall (Law); Dr Ting Wang (Mathematics and Statistics).

2016: Dr Louise Bicknell (Pathology); Dr Rob Middag (Chemistry); Dr Peter Mace (Biochemistry); Dr Giles Newton-Howes (Psychological Medicine, Wellington); Dr Damian Scarf (Psychology); Dr Benjamin Schonthal (Theology and Religion).

2015: Dr Anitra Carr (Pathology Christchurch); Dr Logan Walker (Pathology Christchurch); Dr Karl Iremonger (Physiology); Dr Sheri Johnson (Anatomy); Dr Jorg Hennig (Maths).

2014: Dr Anita Dunbier (Biochemistry); Dr Zach Weber (Philosophy); Dr Anna Pilbrow (Medicine Christchurch); Jason Gurney (Public Health Wellington); Dr Khaled Greish (Pharmacology).

2013: Dr Karen Brouneus (Peace & Conflict Studies); Dr Carla Meledandri (Chemistry); Dr Virginia Toy (Geology); Dr Suetonia Palmer (Medicine Christchurch); Dr Lyndie Foster-Page (Sir John Walsh Research Institute – Dentistry).

2012: Dr Haxby Abbott (Surgery); Dr Andrew Clarkson (Anatomy); Dr Sian Halcrow (Anatomy); Dr Michael Knapp (Anatomy)

2011: Dr Peter Fineran (Microbiology); Dr Schieak Tzeng (Surgery Wellington); Dr Clare Strachan (Pharmacy); Dr Dione Healey (Psychology); Dr James Crowley (Chemistry); Dr Shinichi Nakagawa (Zoology).

2010: Jessica Palmer (Law); Dr Simone Marshall (English); Associate Professor Richard Gearry (Medicine Christchurch).

2009: Dr Lisa Stamp (Medicine Christchurch); Dr Angela Wanhalla (History and Art History); Dr Sarah Young (Microbiology); Dr Rebecca Campbell (Physiology).

2008: Dr Alex McLellan (Microbiology); Dr Fiona Edgar (Management); Dr Michael (Mik) Black (Biochemistry); Dr Lisa Whitehead (Postgraduate Nursing Studies Christchurch); Dr Pat Wheatley (Classics).

2007: Dr Philip Ainslie (Physiology); Dr Rebecca Roberts (Pathology); Dr Anna Carr (Tourism); Dr Anne-Louise Heath (Human Nutrition); Dr Warwick Bowen (Physics).

Research Group Award

2021: No award made

2020: Christchurch Heart Institute

2019: BEATS Research Programme

2018: Gemmell Lab

2017: Otago Bacterial Energetics and Antimicrobial Resistance (OBEAR) Group

2016: Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Research Unit (DMHDRU)

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