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Many commonly used laboratory chemicals are classified as Hazardous Substances under New Zealand legislation because they have the potential to cause explosion or fire, or harm to human health or the environment.

Laboratories where Hazardous Substances may be in use are marked as HSNO Exempt Laboratories and must comply with the Code of Practice for CRI and University Exempt Laboratories. The requirements of the Code of Practice are included in the University of Otago HSNO Exempt Compliance manual, which also includes additional requirements that must followed in University of Otago laboratories.

University of Otago HSNO Exempt Labs manual (PDF)

Forms and Tools

Laboratory visitors guidelines (PDF)

High Risk Lab Procedures Audit Tool (DOCX)

Risk assessment template (DOCX)

Example lab risk assessment (DOCX)

Lab audit tool (DOCX)

Resigning Lab Supervisor or PI form (DOCX)

Laboratory eye hazard risk assessment tool (DOCX)

Fridge modification record template (DOCX)

Hazardous substance locations (PDF)

Laboratory chemical waste disposal guidelines (PDF)

Laboratory decommissioning form (DOCX)

Safety shower risk assessment tool (DOCX)

Key contacts

Dr Hamish Upritchard
Laboratory H&S Advisor

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