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Guides to the Hocken Collections


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Genealogy & Whakapapa

Guides to the various genealogical research resources available at the Hocken Collections.

Hocken Resources

General Resources

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Ngā Taoka Māori/Māori resources

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Welcome to the Hocken: Bulletins of the Friends of the Hocken Collections

Informative bulletins which feature various aspects of the holdings of the Hocken Collections. Please note that images are not included for Bulletins 1-35, 38-39.

60 Business Series 5: Architects and architecture (1.73MB PDF) March 2010
59 Post-Primary (Secondary) Schools in Otago and Southland (1MB PDF) February 2009
58 The Squatters' Club (886K PDF) August 2008
57 Business Series 4: Shipping (913K PDF) March 2008
56 Business Series 3b: Retailing (525K PDF) February 2007
55 Business Series 3a: Importers, merchants & warehousemen (467K PDF) November 2006
54 Business Series 2b: Manufacturing (part 2) (504K PDF) May 2006
53 Business Series 2a: Manufacturing (489K PDF) April 2006
52 Some bookplates in the Hocken Collections (545K PDF) November 2005
51 Dunedin 19th century mayors (370K PDF) September 2005
50 Business Series 1: Farming (189K PDF) July 2005
49 Geology in Historical Documents (511K PDF) March 2005
48 'Mr G.M. Thomson, who knows his Dunedin like a book...' (28K PDF) September 2004
47 Kiwis among the Olympians (115K PDF) July 2004
46 Over the sea to Stewart Island (387K PDF) July 2004
45 Patriotism, mateship & dashing uniforms (774K PDF) September 2003
44 New Zealand & the Great Northern Bear (437K PDF) July 2003
43 Lodges of Southern New Zealand (502K PDF) November 2002
42 A library-bus tour of the suburbs (597K PDF) September 2002
41 More power to your elbow (227K PDF) September 2002
40 A concord of sweet sounds (597K PDF) March 2002
39 Green fingers (28K PDF) November 2001
38 New Zealand's 'Little Lichfield' - the literature of Eastern Southland (20K PDF) September 2001
37 A Pretty kettle of fish (478K PDF) September 2001
36 About people (49K PDF) February 2001
35 Hocken Photographs collection (20K PDF) November 2000
34 Sydney or the bush? (20K PDF) September 2000
33 The Demon drink: alcohol an prohibition in New Zealand (28K PDF) July 2000
32 Otago-Southland microfilm & documents from the Provincial period (20K PDF) March 2000
31 New Zealand's nine provinces (1853-76) (24K PDF) March 2000
30 Influences of the Chinese (24K PDF) November 1999
29 Law and justice at the Hocken (28K PDF) September 1999
28 Farming and rural history (24K PDF) July 1999
27 Carrying a crowd: coaches, trams, cable-cars and buses (24K PDF) April 1999
26 La Creme de la Creme (20K PDF) November 1998
25 Motoring - from Alpha-Romeo to Zodiac (24K PDF) September 1998
24 Sports archives in the Hocken (20K PDF) August 1998
23 Goldmine for genealogists (24K PDF) March 1998
22 Immigration to New Zealand (28K PDF) September 1997
21 Memories of Auld Scotland (28K PDF) September 1997
20 On the track: researching New Zealand and regional railways (24K PDF) July 1997
19 Weather and climate - with a southern emphasis (28K PDF) March 1997
18 The Catlins (24K PDF) September 1996
17 75 years of the New Zealand Navy (28K PDF) August 1996
16 University of Otago records and historical sources (24K PDF) May 1996
15 Hocken pictures (16K PDF) March 1996
14 Ships, sailormen and their passengers (28K PDF) October 1995
13 From seals to social laboratory: 19th century American material in the Hocken Collections (28K PDF) September 1995
12 The New Zealand Wars: 19th century views and accounts (28K PDF) June 1995
11 Introduction to Maori materials - Uare Taoka o Hakena (24K PDF) June 1995
10 On schools and education (20K PDF) March 1995
9 Surveying the Hocken's Surveyors (28K PDF) September 1994
8 Religions and their records (20K PDF) July 1994
7 Early New Zealand directories: a brief guide (24K PDF) March 1994
6 Parliamentarians and their (often missing) papers (20K PDF) September 1993
5 Mirrors of the earth: a guide to Hocken maps (20K PDF) July 1993
4 A Guide to literary and theatre research material (36K PDF) March 1993
3 When everyone wants to read yesterday's news (20K PDF) 1997 reprint
2 Yes, but where are all the books? (16K PDF) March 1992
1 Founding the Friends (20K PDF) December 1991


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