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Last Modified: 02 Jul 2024

Academic Division

NamePosition Section / Department / School / Division
Professor S Brock Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic

Otago Business School (Division of Commerce)

NamePosition Section / Department / School / Division
Professor M Thyne Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Division of Commerce
Professor J Zhang Head Department of Accountancy and Finance
Professor R Peeters Head Department of Economics
Professor F Edgar Head Department of Management
Associate Professor K Robertson Head Department of Marketing
Associate Professor Anna Carr Head Department of Tourism
Associate Professor T Garry Director Executive Programmes

Division of Health Sciences

NamePosition Section / Department / School / Division
Associate Professor M Gibbons Pro-Vice-ChancellorDivision of Health Sciences
Professor P Priest Assistant Pro-Vice-Chancellor 

Faculty of Dentistry

Professor P Cooper Dean Faculty of Dentistry
Associate Professor P Cathro Head Oral Rehabilitation
Professor A Tawse-Smith Head Oral Sciences
Professor D Tong Head Oral Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences
Professor W Duncan Director Sir John Walsh Research Institute

Otago Medical School

Professor T Wilkinson (Acting) Dean Otago Medical School

School of Biomedical Sciences

Professor L Matisoo-Smith (Acting) Dean School of Biomedical Sciences
Professor C Jasoni Head Department of Anatomy
Professor P Dearden Head Department of Biochemistry
Associate Professor J Kirman Head Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Professor I Sammut Head Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Associate Professor R Katare Head Department of Physiology

Research Infrastructure  Group

Professor S. Hook Research Infrastructure Manager Operations
Mr S W Rhodes Head Biomedical Research Facility
Dr K L Reader   Otago Micro and Nanoscale Imaging
Dr R Day   Otago Genomics Facility
Dr T Kleffman Operations Manager Centre for Protein Research

University of Otago, Christchurch

Professor S Pitama Dean University of Otago, Christchurch
Dr B Hudson Head Department of General Practice (Primary Care and Clinical Simulation)
Dr A Landers Head Department of Medicine
Dr M Patu Director Maori/Indigenous Health Innovation (MIHI)
Dr J E Gullam Head Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Professor G J Hooper Head Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine
Professor T M Walls Head Department of Paediatrics
Professor M A Kennedy Head Department of Pathology and Biomedical Science
Associate Professor P Hider Head Department of Population Health
Professor R J Porter Head Department of Psychological Medicine
Professor T W Eglinton Head Department of Surgery
Dr V Jones Head Department of Nursing

Dunedin School of Medicine

Professor L C Anderson (Acting) Dean Dunedin School of Medicine
Professor L C Anderson Deputy Dean Dunedin School of Medicine
Dr M King Head Bioethics Centre
Professor T Stokes Head Department of General Practice and Rural Health
Professor R Taylor Head Department of Medicine
Professor J Horsfield Head Department of Pathology
Professor R M Turner Head Department of Preventive and Social Medicine
Associate Professor T Patterson Head Department of Psychological Medicine
Mrs J Krysa Head Department of Surgical Sciences
Professor P.B. McIntyre Head Department of Women's and Children's Health

University of Otago, Wellington

Professor W M M Levack Dean University of Otago, Wellington
Associate Professor P D Larsen Head Department of Surgery and Anaesthesia
Dr K J Chadwick Head Department of Radiation Therapy
Professor A Ranta Head Department of Medicine
Associate Professor S Filoche Head Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women's Health
Professor E Wiltshire Head Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
Associate Professor D Kenwright Head Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
Professor L C McBain Head Department of Primary Healthcare and General Practice
Professor S Every-Palmer Head Department of Psychological Medicine
Professor L Signal, Professor J Hoek and Professor P Edwards as Co-Head Head Department of Public Health

School of Pharmacy

Professor B Russell (Acting) DeanSchool of Pharmacy

School of Physiotherapy

Professor L A Hale Dean School   of Physiotherapy

Division of Humanities

NamePosition Section / Programme / School / Division
Professor J Palmer Pro-Vice-Chancellor Division of Humanities

University of Otago College of Education

 Professor V Anderson Dean College of Education

Faculty of Law

Professor S Griffiths Dean Faculty of Law
Dr B Toy-Cronin Director Centre for Legal Issues
Associate Professor N Taylor Director Children's Issues Centre
 Professor C Gavaghan Director Emerging Technologies

School of Arts

Professor S Marshall Head School of Arts

Programmes and Centres

Professor L McIlvanney Director Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies
Dr G McIntyre Head Classics
Associate Professor D Ciccoricco Head English and Linguistics
Associate Professor F Steel Head History
Dr S W Lau Head Languages and Cultures
Associate Professor Z Weber Head Philosophy
Professor P Trebilco Head Theology
Professor D Tombs Director Centre for Theology and Public Issues

School of Geography

Associate Professor S Bond Head School of Geography
Associate Professor C Orchiston Director Centre for Sustainability

School of Performing Arts

Professor A Ritchie Head School of Performing Arts

Programmes and Centres

Professor H Johnson Head Music
Dr S Young Head Theatre

School of Social Sciences

Professor J Hayward Head School of Social Sciences

Programmes and Centres

Associate Professor T Thomas Head Archaeology
Professor C Fowler Head Media, Film and Communication
Professor P Nel Head Politics
Professor B Schonthal Head Religion
Professor R Fitzgerald Head Social Anthropology
Associate Professor S Walker and Associate Professor E Keddell as Co-Head Head Social and Community Work
Associate Professor M Dawson Head Sociology, Gender Studies and Criminology

School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies

Professor P Vakaoti Dean Te Tumu - School of Māori, Pacific and Indigenous Studies
Dr J Te Paa Daniel Director National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies

Division of Sciences

NamePosition Section / Department / School / Division
Professor R Barker Pro-Vice-Chancellor Division of Sciences
Professor D Orlovich Head Department of Botany
Associate Professor N Lucas Head Department of Chemistry
Associate Professor G Dick Head of School School of Computing
Professor M Mirosa Head Department of Food Science
Associate Professor A R Gorman Head Department of Geology
Research Professor N Roy Head Department of Human Nutrition
Professor M Lamare Head Department of Marine Science
Associate Professor S J Wakes Head Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Associate Professor E Hargreaves Dean School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences
Professor P B Blakie Head Department of Physics
Professor J Halberstadt Head Department of Psychology
Professor J Bering Head Department of Science Communication
Associate Professor A Moore Dean School of Surveying
 Professor M Lokman Head Department of Zoology

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